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Some models of the iPhone 13 and iPhone 12 have new prices in Brazil since this Tuesday (8); the change was also seen on MacBooks, AirPods and Apple Watch. The values ​​remain the same in the US, meaning this is just a variation on the “Apple dollar” – which resulted in some weird numbers.

iPhone 13 Mini (Image: Darlan Helder/Tecnoblog)

For example, the iPhone 12 Mini now starts at R$5,505 at Apple’s official store; before it was R$ 5,699. In turn, the iPhone 13 Pro costs BRL 9,176 (against BRL 9,499 until yesterday).

According to calculations of technoblog, this means that the Apple dollar for iPhones dropped from R$9.59 to R$9.43, on average. The reduction is small, but it can already break a branch, especially since these cell phones are usually sold at a good discount – you can follow this through Achados do TB, in our WhatsApp and Telegram groups.

It is worth noting that the “Apple dollar” varies between different product categories. For example, when it comes to Macs, the company is using a conversion rate of R$12.50 compared to prices charged in the US. (Until yesterday, this amount was R$13 on average.)

The Mac Mini remains the most affordable model, and now starts at R$8,370. If you have your eye on a MacBook, Apple charges R$16,645 for the entry-level version with an M1 processor.

Accessory prices, meanwhile, just got weirder. For example, the Apple Watch Series 3 started to cost two thousand, five hundred it is a reals – was this real there really necessary? The same goes for the kit with 4 AirTags (R$ 1,211) and for the AirPods Max (R$ 6,691).

The commercial dollar is at R$5.06 today. The difference between this quotation and the Apple dollar is explained, in general, by the payment of taxes and the premium value that the company charges for its products in Brazil.

iPhone prices that just got cheaper

iPhone 12 Mini (image: Emerson Alecrim/Tecnoblog)
iPhone 12 Mini screen (image: Emerson Alecrim/Tecnoblog)

The price reduction is valid for the iPhone 12 Mini, iPhone 13 mini, iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max.

For the standard iPhone 13, iPhone 12 and iPhone 11, nothing has changed.

Model new price previous price
iPhone 12 Mini 64 GB R$ 5.505 R$ 5.699
iPhone 12 Mini 128 GB R$ 5.988 R$ 6.199
iPhone 12 Mini 256 GB R$ 6.954 R$ 7.199
iPhone 13 Mini 128 GB R$ 6.374 R$ 6.599
iPhone 13 Mini 256 GB R$ 7.340 R$ 7.599
iPhone 13 Mini 512 GB R$ 9.272 R$ 9.599
iPhone 13 Pro 128 GB R$ 9.176 R$ 9.499
iPhone 13 Pro 256 GB R$ 10.142 R$ 10.499
iPhone 13 Pro 512 GB R$ 12.074 R$ 12.499
iPhone 13 Pro 1 TB R$ 14.006 R$ 14.499
iPhone 13 Pro Max 128 GB R$ 10.142 R$ 10.499
iPhone 13 Pro Max 256 GB R$ 11.108 R$ 11.499
iPhone 13 Pro Max 512 GB R$ 13.040 R$ 13.499
iPhone 13 Pro Max 1 TB R$ 14.972 R$ 15.499

Price of AirPods, Apple Watch and Macs

Apple AirPods Pro (image: Paulo Higa/Tecnoblog)
Apple AirPods Pro (image: Paulo Higa/Tecnoblog)

Below is the survey of the technoblog for AirPods, Apple Watch and accessories:

Model new price previous price
AirPods Pro R$ 2.870 R$ 2.999
AirPods (3rd generation) R$ 2.296 R$ 2.399
AirPods (2nd generation) R$ 1.579 R$ 1.649
AirPods Max R$ 6.691 R$ 6.899
Apple Watch Series 7 R$ 5.099 R$ 5.299
Apple Watch SE R$ 3.655 R$ 3.799
Apple Watch Series 3 R$ 2.501 R$ 2.599
Apple Pencil (1st generation) R$ 1.153 R$ 1.199
Apple Pencil (2nd generation) R$ 1.539 R$ 1.599
AirTag R$ 358 R$ 369
Pack with 4 AirTags R$ 1.211 R$ 1.249
MagSafe charger R$ 484 R$ 499

And in the table below, you can see the new prices for MacBooks, Mac Mini and Mac Pro:

Model new price previous price
MacBook Pro 13 256 GB R$ 16.645 R$ 17.299
MacBook Pro 14 512 GB (GPU 14 cores) R$ 25.979 R$ 26.999
MacBook Pro 16 512 GB (M1 Pro) R$ 31.752 R$ 32.999
MacBook Pro 16 1 TB (M1 Max) R$ 43.752 R$ 45.499
Mac Mini 256 GB R$ 8.370 R$ 8.699
Mac Mini Intel R$ 13.181 R$ 13.699
Mac Pro (torre) R$ 76.495 R$ 79.499

iMacs are not listed above because they have kept their old prices.

Collaborated: Everton Favretto

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