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The wait is over: the apple presented, this Monday (7), the iOS 15. The new version of the operating system was made public on WWDC 2021 with improved notifications to ensure more focus on day-to-day activities. The update even brings SharePlay for watching movies and series with friends at the same time via FaceTime and more.

Notifications on iOS 15 (Image: Disclosure / Apple)

Notifications on iOS 15 (Image: Disclosure / Apple)

The update adds features to increase user focus. In addition to the new look, Apple has unveiled a notification summary that creates a collection of non-urgent notices for you to view at another time.

Do not disturb mode also received news. The new version of iOS will feature profiles for when the iPhone owner is working, sleeping and the like, through a feature known as Focus.

Focus modes change both how notifications work and how apps are arranged. When choosing a profile, it is possible to limit the warnings from both apps and people, to keep attention in studies or work, for example. The home screen can also be customized to present only what is needed.

iMessage will still indicate in conversations when do not disturb is enabled.

iOS 15 features Personal, Work and Sleep modes (Image: Press / Apple)

iOS 15 features Personal, Work and Sleep modes (Image: Press / Apple)

FaceTime gets spatial audio and SharePlay

iOS 15 brings new features to native apps to get in touch with others. Starting with FaceTime, the videoconferencing platform will gain spatial audio and a noise-isolated microphone. Users will also be able to turn on portrait mode, which blurs the background, during a call.

Through SharePlay, users can bring an Apple Music song directly into the video call. Participants in a conversation can also watch a movie or series from Apple TV+, Disney+ and other platforms that support the function together. Apple’s service also received screen sharing support.

FaceTime will also gain links to make it easier to join calls, as well as on Zoom and Google Meet. In addition, the feature will allow users of other systems, such as Android, to participate in the call through the browser.

The Messaging app has become more integrated with the other apps on the system, thanks to the “Shared with you” section. The new feature allows users to view images shared in conversations directly on Apple Photos, for example. The function also works with Apple Music, Safari and Podcasts.

iOS 15 allows you to consult text in photos (Image: Disclosure / Apple)

iOS 15 allows you to consult text in photos (Image: Disclosure / Apple)

iOS 15 recognizes text and objects in images

The successor to iOS 14 just got smarter. The system recognizes objects and text in images in seven languages, including Portuguese. For this, on the photo with the content, just tap on the desired excerpt, select it, copy it and then paste it into a message, for example.

Spotlight is now able to search for images. In addition, Apple Photos memories have also been boosted. In the new version of the system, the platform is able to create photo and video collections with music from Apple Music and with more interactivity.

New iOS 15 Privacy Panel (Image: Disclosure/Apple)

New iOS 15 Privacy Panel (Image: Disclosure/Apple)

Apple Announces New iPhone Privacy Panel

Apple has added a new privacy dashboard in iOS 15. Known as the App Privacy Report, the page shows what data has been accessed by the apps installed on the mobile. Users are also able to have access to a list of the third-party domains that the apps have contacted.

Still unavailable in Portuguese, Siri is now able to process requests on the device and without relying on an internet connection. Safari will also start limiting trackers that collect the IP address. The other privacy news are iCloud+ and the option to hide the email address in Mail.

iOS 15 brings news in the Health app (Image: Disclosure/Apple)

iOS 15 brings news in the Health app (Image: Disclosure/Apple)

iOS 15 brings news in Health, Safari and more

The update also provides advances in the Health app. Starting with iOS 15, users can share data with people they trust. The application also shows highlights in the metrics calculated by the platform.

Other new features are Safari, which now shows controls at the bottom of the screen and has gained groups of tabs. Apple Maps will not only have more detailed maps as it has received increments in the navigation mode. Wallet, Apple’s wallet, will now support house keys, hotel keys, company badges and even IDs.

The app for weather forecast received a remodeled look and other news. In addition, the iPhone maker added tags to Notes to make it easier to search for notes made in the app.

iOS 15 on iPhone (Image: Disclosure/Apple)

iOS 15 on iPhone (Image: Disclosure/Apple)

What iPhones are compatible with iOS 15?

According to Apple, iOS 15 will be available on the following iPhones:

  • iPhone 12, 12 Mini, 12 Pro and 12 Pro Max;
  • iPhone 11, 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max;
  • iPhone XS, XS Max and XR;
  • iPhone X;
  • iPhone 8 and 8 Plus;
  • iPhone 7 and 7 Plus;
  • iPhone 6S and 6S Plus;
  • iPhone SE (2nd generation);
  • iPhone SE (1st generation);
  • iPod Touch (7th generation).

When is iOS 15 coming out?

iOS 15 Beta began to be released to developers this Monday (7). A trial version open to the public will arrive next month, according to Apple.

The final version of iOS 15 is expected to be available to everyone in September 2021.

iOS 15: how to download?

When available, the final version of iOS 15 can be installed on supported devices through system settings. To do this, simply access the “General” option and then enter “Software Update”. Finally, the update will be downloaded and installed on the phone.

Starting this Monday (7), those who are part of Apple’s developer program can already download the test version of the successor to iOS 14. The public beta, in turn, will only arrive next month.

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