Interestingly, Didiet Maulana Presents Indonesian Diversity Themed Motifs in Prayer Rug Designs – IKAT Indonesia by Didiet Maulana, one of Indonesia’s best fashion brands has just launched its collaboration with an international brand named Lasouk that manufactures premium prayer rugs in creating collections inspired by the beauty of Indonesian ikat motifs. This is the first time IKAT Indonesia has launched a prayer rug collection.

This collaboration after seeing the need to bring personal worship equipment in the face of new normal times. The size and material that is easily folded makes it easy for the prayer mat to be carried everyday.

This collaboration began when Didiet Maulana, the Creative Director, met with Nadja and Heikal, the founders of Lasouk in Jakarta on an occasion. Lasouk has successfully attracted many people with its unique prayer mat concept. Their row of prayer rug collections were successfully received in various countries from Singapore, Malaysia, UAE and Indonesia.

Didiet’s meeting with Lasouk continued with productive discussions that resulted in an agreement to marry their two brands in a collaborative project: A series of prayer rugs with the theme of Weaving Ikats. Ikat Indonesia by Didiet Maulana X Lasouk, launched 3 special prayer rugs. This prayer rug collection elaborates the beauty of the geometric motifs of the archipelago, with natural color harmony, elevates Indonesia’s natural wealth and is full of diversity.

1. Penetrate the International Market

The collection of Indonesian Ikat prayer rugs by Didiet Maulana X Lasouk is presented in three designs, namely:

– Andjani Prayer Mat, which illustrates the fertility of Indonesian soil with terracotta colors that bring warmth. Andjani raised the ikat motif with a unified accent symbolizing unity. Decorative accents resembling a tumpal in the middle, are the focal points that represent good balance and expectations.

– Ghalia Prayer Mat, which illustrates the beauty of the Indonesian archipelago with a harmonious bluish green color to bring a sense of cool. Brown accents combined with blue lines depict nautical charm, and the continuous connective motifs symbolize sincere trust.

– Shabira Prayer Mat paints Indonesia’s dusk sky crossed by the equator with a serene touch of blue and red. The creeping accents that are interlocked in the form of a connective motif symbolize harmony and unity under the Indonesian horizon.

IKAT Indonesia prayer rugs by Didiet Maulana X Lasouk Made of soft suede on the top and anti-slip rubber on the bottom, look so special with the print Ikat printed with water-based ink. So modern and urban, as well as thick with culture.

“Being able to work with Didiet Maulana is a unique opportunity. Didiet has her own achievements as a designer. This collaboration is proof that we are all connected as a global community. Didiet works with a Singapore-based company and brings its designs to consumers in Malaysia, Singapore, Dubai and Europe, “said Heikal and Nadja as the founders of Lasouk.

IKAT Indonesia by Didiet Maulana, welcomed the collaboration between these countries. With this collaboration, the connective motif will be increasingly recognized by the wider market.

“Making a prayer rug with a motif that carries the theme of the archipelago is a uniqueness that will give value to our latest products. Getting to know the founder of Lasouk, I am sure of a quality that we have embodied in this first collaboration. Through the prayer rug, we are targeting the Indonesian market and will penetrate the international market, “continued Didiet Maulana.

Not only in Indonesia, this collection will also be marketed in other countries, namely Singapore, Malaysia and the UAE. The Indonesian Ikat Collaboration by Didiet Maulana X Lasouk is an example of how to promote Indonesia’s cultural wealth through collaboration. How is one of Indonesia’s best designers working with international brands to produce urban products that are inspired by culture.

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