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O Banco Inter had already announced that it would relaunch the virtual mobile operator Intercel in the second half of 2021 in partnership with Vivo, but apparently the reformulation has advanced: the financial institution has already communicated some customers about the new Inter Cel (now with space in the name) and released the new cell phone plans.

Intercel leaves Surf Telecom and will migrate to Vivo (Image: Lucas Braga / Tecnoblog)

Reader Whinston Rodrigues received an email from Banco Inter about Inter Cel and forwarded the full text to Tecnoblog. The company has not yet revealed when the service will be marketed, but anticipated the portfolio of cell phone plans:

Internet package Calls Monthly price
1.5 GB, of which:
1 GB of plan
0.5 GB bonus
60 minutes for any operator
Unlimited calls to Vivo and Inter Cel
R $ 25
3 GB, of which:
2 GB of the plan
1 GB bonus
100 minutes for any operator
Unlimited calls to Vivo and Inter Cel
R $ 30
5 GB, of which:
3 GB of the plan
2 GB bonus
Unlimited calls to any operator R $ 40
8 GB, of which:
5 GB of plan
3 GB bonus
Unlimited calls to any operator R $ 50
13 GB, of which:
8 GB of plan
5 GB bonus
Unlimited calls to any operator R $ 75

All plans are in prepaid mode, and give access without discounting the franchise to the Banco Inter app and WhatsApp (except voice and video calls); packages from 8 GB onwards also allow unlimited use of Waze and Moovit. Customers will have an additional 2 GB of bonuses during one year conditioned to the number portability process, but this offer must be extended to all interested parties in accordance with art. 46 of Anatel’s resolution 632.

Speaking specifically of the data franchise, the plans of the new Inter Cel are worse than the old ones: in the operation with Surf Telecom, the R $ 50 monthly package entitled to 9 GB, while the R $ 75 per month package had a franchise of 15 GB.

Another differential of the old plans is that the unused data accumulated for the next month, and it is uncertain whether this mechanics will remain in the new Inter Cel. The bank also guarantees the cashback on the recharge, but did not specify the percentage.

Inter Cel will use Vivo’s network

Banco Inter’s e-mail informs that the virtual operator will use Vivo’s cell phone coverage – the former Intercel was an accredited company of Surf Telecom, which depends on TIM’s signal.

Vivo’s 4G reaches 3,839 municipalities, while TIM has the technology in 4,154 cities. On the other hand, Vivo has the largest coverage in Brazil, with 3G signal reaching 4,637 locations.

One of the great advantages of the old Intercel was the availability for joining with a virtual chip (eSIM), and the QR Code was sent directly to the customer’s email. O Tecnoblog asked Banco Inter whether this modality will continue to exist in the new Inter Cel, but has not yet received a response.

Are Vivo’s plans better than Inter Cel’s?

It depends. For those who use the phone a little and do not depend on a data franchise with several gigabytes, Inter Cel’s basic package can be advantageous.

However, it is difficult to defend Inter Cel packages more expensive than R $ 30 per month: the biweekly Vivo Pré Turbo has 3 GB of internet and costs R $ 14.99, that is, it has twice the internet than the same plan Banco Inter’s value.

Inter Cel’s R $ 50 plan gives 8 GB of internet, and it also doesn’t make much sense since it is possible to get the same deductible for R $ 40 per month at Vivo.

Leaving a little prepaid, it is possible to hire Vivo Easy Prime Alive with 10 GB for R $ 54.99 per month. This package gives a cashback of R $ 20, which allows you to buy an additional 2 GB of internet per month and brings the plan closer to the Inter Cel of 13 GB.

Excerpt from the email sent by Banco Inter about Inter Cel (Image: Reproduction)

Excerpt from the email sent by Banco Inter about Inter Cel (Image: Reproduction)

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