Intel trolls the Mac M1 in its very first anti-Apple ads

Intel has just launched an ad campaign on its official Twitter account directed against M1 Macs. Intel had never launched an advertising campaign to directly denigrate a competitor, let alone Apple. It seems that the founder is fearful of the impact of the switch to ARM architecture on the image of its products.

Credits: Intel via Twitter

If you needed proof that Intel is afraid of Apple and M1 Macs right now, look no further: after publishing a series of benchmarks with questionable methodology, the founder has just launched its first openly anti-Apple advertising campaign. In general, when things are going well, it is not necessary to target a competitor directly – highlighting the strengths of your products is enough.

But we have to admit it: Intel has been caught off guard for some time by rapid market changes. Intel indeed manufactures its own chips. This has allowed it for years to acquire new features and take the industry to the top. Except that the industry has changed dramatically since then.

Intel is in dire straits

By making, like Nvidia, the choice of subcontracting, AMD has for example been able to have access to engraving subtleties impossible at Intel, while allowing itself advances in the number of cores, size of the cache and other characteristics. All for much lower prices than at Intel. Obviously on office machines, Intel has lost its leadership position. To date more than 50% of these machines are equipped with AMD Ryzen processors.

Intel still keeps the advantage over laptops. And we therefore understand the panic in the foundry. The performance of M1 Macs like their price is starting to make an impression. Apple has taken advantage of its own silicon to completely ridicule the performance of Intel macs. And the founder knows very well that Apple’s choices often portend profound changes in the rest of the industry.

Until then, ARM architecture was not much of a threat to Intel. The first examples of Always Connected PCs fall for their lack of compatibility and the performance of unoptimized applications – all for random autonomy gains. By optimizing software and hardware together, Apple has succeeded in showing that dropping the x86 architecture is de facto essential to deliver both performance and battery life.

In this complicated context, Intel is therefore trying to remind people that PCs remain the machines of choice for a whole bunch of things, including hybrid formats, with touchscreen and stylus: “Only a PC can offer tablet mode, with touchscreen and stylus in one device. Choose the PC ”. A second insert published on the founder’s Twitter account affirms “If you can run Rocket League, then you’re not on Mac. Choose the PC ”.

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The ads redirect to a video of YouTuber Joe Rettinger sponsored by Intel. We can read in the description: “If you’re looking for a good laptop in 2021, there are quite a few things to think about, but the choice of processor might turn out to be more important than you think. You might be drawn to the latest laptops from Apple, but before you hit the buy button let me show you what the new Intel Evo laptops can offer you ”.

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