Installed and Guaranteed: PIX could become the ‘credit card of the future’

Last week, Jennefer Andrade from Estadão published a very interesting article about Pix Garantido. The article shed light on an important issue, which resonated widely and was widely shared among the main groups of entrepreneurs, bankers and fintech enthusiasts.

Basically, Pix Garantido “will allow installment purchases” and Pix Scheduled, which is similar, will allow a customer to schedule a transfer. This means that, in the future, consumers and companies will be able to do with Pix, which they do today with the credit card: installment payments and scheduled payments.

The big question that arises arises precisely from the main feature of Pix, which is to be just an instant payment tool. So how could it be used for a scheduled and installment payment?

The Pix is ​​like a car …

First, it is worth remembering that Pix is ​​a new and modern payment system. In other words, its application will depend more on the creativity of the operators of the financial system, than on the limitation of the tool.

There are people who use the car, for example, to work, to stroll, as a vehicle to move around, to compete at high speed and even to date on the weekend outside their parents’ house. In that sense, Pix is ​​like a car …

Pix has several and varied applications, some of which are desired by the Central Bank and other innovations in the market itself.

About Pix Garantido, the figure of the intermediary has already appeared on the market: a financial institution or fintech, for example, which guarantees the recipient the payment of the due resources that have been scheduled. Thus, if on the day of the transfer the person does not have sufficient balance in the account, the intermediary bears the transaction.

Credit card of the future

It is noted that the Brazilian market is transforming to increase competitiveness between players and existing services. This results in a safer and more innovative financial system for consumers and businesses. After “bothering” TEDs and payment slips, Pix Garantido or Schedado gives Brazilians an option and becomes a “credit card of the future”.

For companies, options for payment methods are growing. Thus, a company will be able to choose the best way to receive from its customers: cash (in cash), deposit in the account, Instant Pix, Guaranteed Pix, Scheduled Pix or as you prefer.

Likewise, customers will choose who they want to do business with. In addition to the quality of the product or service offered, the price, the service, etc., they will take into account the form of receipt that the establishment offers.

It’s more freedom of choice

And why is this important for companies, retailers, commerce and their customers? For customers, it’s pretty obvious. It is more convenience and comfort. For companies, however, it is more complex.

Pix for companies

Today, almost half of the consumption of Brazilian families is made by card. In this relationship, machines, flags and accreditors are a kind of oligopoly. 65% of the card market is concentrated in the two largest companies in the sector: Cielo (controlled by Banco do Brasil and Bradesco) and Rede (from the Itaú group). Very few companies control services, pricing and business relationships.

Sometimes you find that almost 50% of your profit goes to the card machine

Many shopkeepers pay between 2% to 5% just to advance the amounts they would receive in 30 days. Then you calculate that the margin (difference between the cost of the product and the value for which it is sold) is sometimes 10% on average in Brazil, and you find that almost 50% of your profit goes to the card machine. It is good to be able to analyze other alternatives of payment methods that allow companies to sell in installments, in better conditions, right?

In addition, the relationship of storeowners with their customers, especially outside large cities, in most cases, is much stronger than that of the machine. In many cities throughout Brazil, credit, payment and account are the ways in which people prefer to operate.

Thinking about these situations, just to name two, it is not difficult to think that the Guaranteed or Scheduled Pix can occupy a huge space in the market. It gives the entrepreneur the option of selling on credit, without being obliged to accept the conditions of the card acquirer.

How Scheduled and Guaranteed works

Pix Guaranteed or Scheduled uses a series of standardized and secure data and information, which allows you to guarantee that the operation has taken place. That is, “if” the customer will pay, it is one thing. But that the customer “booked” is 100% guaranteed and certified. And in this case, the beneficiary will be guaranteed receipt.

Based on this information, that the customer has scheduled a payment for 30, 60 days from now, the company, the shopkeeper, the merchant can much more easily advance the amount they have to receive. Instead of being forced to discount with the machine (which again, charge up to 5% fee), the owner of this amount can access the entire Brazilian credit market: banks, credit funds, fintechs and even the machine itself.

With much more competition and possibilities, it is to be expected that the competition will bring a fight for the customer. Probably, a better rate, better conditions, more ease and convenience will be offered to that customer.


Paulo David, biweekly columnist of TecMundo, is founder and CEO of Grafeno, fintech that offers digital accounts and electronic records infrastructure for companies and creditors; and is a partner at SPC Brasil in the construction of infrastructure for the financial market. Prior to Grafeno, he founded Biva, Brazil’s first peer to peer lending platform, which was acquired by PagSeguro, a means of payment company. He was superintendent of Sofisa Direto, the digital division of Sofisa bank. He worked on the Pinheiro Neto Advogados team, and on the investment manager KPTL (ex-Inseed Investimentos) team. He is an angel investor in fintechs in Brazil and Europe.

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