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O Instagram has a mechanism to confirm the identity of users through a “video selfie”. However, many users are unable to use the social network due to a flaw in this feature. O Techblog found a number of complaints about it on Twitter and on Reclame Aqui; the problem has been happening since at least 2020, and it doesn’t only affect Brazilians.

Instagram users cannot access their accounts due to authentication error with video selfie (image: Unsplash/Solen Feyissa)

Video selfie failure prevents access to Instagram

Reports mention both the Android app and the iPhone (iOS) version. In common, the complaints state that the social network requests the sending of a video selfie to confirm the users’ identity in order to grant access to the profile. But, when sending it, the application issues an error and, in some cases, it even terminates.

This scenario was revealed by some people on Twitter in 2021. They even performed the procedure requested by the iPhone (iOS) and Android cellphone applications, respectively. But after sending, they received the following errors:

  • iPhone: “Failed to load video. Try again later”;
  • Android: “An error occurred while loading. Please try again later” or “Instagram stopped”.
Instagram error sending video selfies to confirm identity (Image: Playback/Twitter)
Instagram error sending video selfies to confirm identity (Image: Playback/Twitter)

Bug affects Brazilians and users from other countries

Reports spread around the world. “I take the selfie video, but I get the error that it was not possible to upload to the system,” said a user from Turkey in May. “I’m having problems with your video selfie verification and until I resolve it, I can’t log in,” asked another person from Germany in August.

Complaints also travel across Brazil. In August, a user reported that he also received an error when sending the selfie video, even after numerous attempts to reinstall the app. He also reported that he was greeted by the notice that the feed did not load when opening the app and that he couldn’t use anything from his account.

In yet another case, this time registered in September, another Brazilian said that Instagram showed a sudden message to confirm his identity via video selfie. “I made this video and when it’s time to send it, there’s always an error”, he explained. “Now it just appears a black screen loading and it doesn’t come out of it.”

Crash also affects Instagram for iPhone (Image: Playback/Twitter)
Crash also affects Instagram for iPhone (Image: Playback/Twitter)
What is the Instagram video selfie for?

A video selfie is a mechanism to verify the user’s authenticity on the social network. This is a tool that, despite being inconvenient, helps to avoid the creation of false profiles on the platform. “Upload the video to help us verify your identity and confirm you’re a real person,” the app says.

Still, like any other means of authentication, the tool needs function so that the verification actually takes place. And that’s not what happens: users are facing an error that doesn’t even have an apparent solution and that prevents access to the profile. Or, if there is some way to correct it through unofficial procedures, it is not always feasible or recommended.

In April, a user reported that she was experiencing an issue with the Android app. She later informed that she managed to get around the failure by accessing her account through an iPhone, a cell phone that costs from R$ 3,699 at the manufacturer’s store. Another Brazilian was also able to resume using her account through a VPN in May.

How to solve Instagram flaw in video selfies?

Instagram users face problems logging into their accounts due to video selfie authentication (Image: Claudio Schwarz Purzlbaum/Unsplash)
Instagram users face problems logging into their accounts due to video selfie authentication (Image: Claudio Schwarz Purzlbaum/Unsplash)

Instagram did not respond to any complaints registered on Twitter, but there were two responses on Reclame Aqui. In November 2020, the social network understood that the user could not “access their account because they suspect it was hacked or compromised”; and instructed to look for an email from the social network in the inbox, request a login link or report the account, if it has been hacked.

In May 2021, the platform team said the problem could be “related to several reasons”. Afterwards, he informed that, if the user had forgotten the password, he could reset it. The social network also gave some more guidelines:

  • If the problem is with a disabled account: “if you think your account has been deactivated by mistake, you can appeal the decision by opening the app, entering your username and password, and following the onscreen instructions”;
  • If the user was unable to recover the account for any other reason: “you can make a report directly to the responsible team”;
  • If the account was deleted by mistake: “if your account has been deleted by you or someone who used your password, it will not be possible to recover it”;
  • If none of the above processes work: disable browser extensions, access through another device or a device previously used to log into the account, and attempt to redo the procedures with another internet connection.

The affected users did not send a reply to the social network via Claim Here. However, in June, two other people reported that they changed their password and the issue was not resolved. Also, how are you going to question a deactivated account by mistake in this situation if the problem is precisely the impossibility of access?

O Techblog contacted Instagram, but did not get a return of the questions until this Wednesday (6).

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