June 13, 2013 was a historic day for BTS and ARMY, the article was on the date the official BTS was “born” as an idol group. And this year, BTS has reached the age of seven years even in the entertainment realm of KPop.

Living and struggling together for a very long period of time also made the BTS members familiarity like siblings. This is nine quotes which will prove that they are a solid and owned group team work the good one. Listen yes!

1. The existence of differences can lead to understanding and concern


“Seven men who always live together and try to work and live at the same time mean that we must confront and share contradictions and differences. But, I think, we can overcome that by learning to understand and care for each other. ” – RM

2. Loving BTS is not allowed to be done by favoritism!

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“Please love the seven of us without leaving even one member” – V

3. Life in a long time can make mutual understanding increasingly strengthened

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“There were times when we fought with each other. (It was) very briefly because we all came from different backgrounds and our personalities were very different. But we’ve been through all that after often talking to each other and living together for a long time. We know what each of us thinks just by looking at each other. ” – J-Hope

4. Six BTS members are motivation for one other BTS member

Inspiring, These 9 Quotes Proof the Closeness of BTS FriendshipInstagram.com/ultjimint

“The members are my motivation. They are one of my biggest motivations. I enjoy when I do something with these people. They make me think that we can do many things. And that gives me more motivation. Just having them by my side motivates me. ” – Jimin

5. Can work together for a long time is the biggest dream

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“We want our song to be number 1 on the Billboard. Performing concerts in a very large concert hall. That is also part of my dream, but if I have to share something more personal, my dream is to appear with these friends for a long time. ” – Jin

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6. The difficulties of the team are more painful than the difficulties of yourself

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“When I’m having a hard time, I can handle it myself, but seeing other members having difficulties, it’s harder to bear than my difficulties.” – Suga

7. The charm of the maknae group is formed from the characters of the hyungs

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“I always thought that I stopped growing mentally when I was 15 years old. Because I became a trainee when I was 15 years old. I did not go to school. I was working at that time. Six men are always around me. So, what I saw, felt, and learned, more from the members. They are very influential. I feel motivated when I see them. And in my opinion, I grew a lot without realizing it. ” – Jungkook

8. Every member is irreplaceable

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“Because each member is very different, I think it’s very difficult for everyone to understand each other. But we did not give up and now we are a team, where every member will not be replaced. ” – Jimin

9. Health is a more primary goal

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“I think if the seven of us stay healthy in our current activities, isn’t that a good goal?” – J-Hope

That is nine quotes which shows that BTS is a compact group. For those of you who want to form teamwork in a group, you can really make nine quotes above as inspiration.

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