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More than 10 independent games are competing for various categories in The Game Awards 2021 — award that chooses the best games of the year. This year, among the games selected, there are three publications by Devolver Digital: Death’s Door, Inscryption e Loop Hero. What Death’s Door has been the subject of this column before, today I will present Inscryption e Loop Hero, showing why they deserve your attention.

Inscryption and Loop Hero (Image: Disclosure/Digital Return)

Inscryption have dark and deadly card duels

  • Studio: Daniel Mullins Games;
  • Platforms: PC (Steam e Epic Games Store).

Inscryption mixes card game mechanics with roguelike and has a macabre plot that, despite being short, promises to leave you on the edge of your chair sometimes. In the game, the objective is to win card duels to solve puzzles and escape from a dark place in the best style of “escape room” games.

the roguelike part of Inscryption appears when building your deck during the game. The further you progress through the story, the more powerful cards can become available. When I say “may” it’s because there’s an element of luck involved. If fate is on your side, you can build invincible decks without much effort.

Inscryption (Image: Disclosure/Return Digital)

As in other roguelikes, the idea is to reset the campaign several times with different strategies. In terms of replayability, Inscryption promises to offer several hours of additional gameplay, without unnecessary repetitions. In addition, every game over new card possibilities appear to enhance your deck.

The game’s story is divided into four acts. Without giving spoilers, you take on the role of a person captured by an assassin named Leshy, who forces you to enter a card duel for your life. If you win, you escape. If you lose, you can kiss your existence goodbye.

It’s worth paying attention not only to the card game, but also to the entire interior of the cabin, as the place holds several secrets that can help to defeat the monster. The plot is narrated by the killer, as if it were a tabletop RPG, and manages to be quite immersive.

Developed by Daniel Mullins Games studio and released in October 2021, Inscryption is available only for PC via Steam and Epic Games Store, with a language option in Portuguese. If you like card games, especially the ones with dark atmosphere, this game is worth giving a try.

Loop Hero is a true tutti-frutti of styles

  • Studio: Four Quarters;
  • Platforms: PC (Steam e Epic Games Store) e Nintendo Switch.

Loop Hero is unique and unlike any other game available on the market today. With classic RPG, roguelike, and card game elements, the title can be complex at first glance — especially given this crazy mix of styles. However, once you get the hang of it, it becomes quite addictive and even relaxing.

This game relaxes because you don’t need to be controlling your character. All actions of the hero are automatic, and your responsibility is to manage the weapons, equipment and structures that grant attribute bonuses to the protagonist. These items appear as cards in a deck and are gained by defeating monsters.

Loop Hero (Image: Disclosure/Digital Return)

The phases are also generated automatically and can be infinite, if your strategy is well thought out. The ideal to get along is to dose the use of cards. The more elements that are placed in the hero’s path, the greater the challenges and chances for things to go wrong. But if you keep the items for a long time, it won’t get any stronger.

Due to this somewhat complex mechanics, the plot of Loop Hero ended up getting a little to one side. The story is not bad, on the contrary, but it is very simple and predictable. In short, the villain Lich is destroying the world, and people are continually losing their memories, with the exception of the protagonist.

With his memory intact, the hero must venture into the darkness to find a way to stop the apocalypse and restore the world to its original form. Along the way, there are additional books and dialogue that can make the story a little richer.

Even with the simple and even forgettable plot, Loop Hero It shines with its unique gameplay, refined art style and quality soundtrack. The game is available since March 4, 2021 for PC (Steam and Epic Games Store) and Nintendo Switch, with interface and subtitles in Portuguese.

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