In addition to Laudya Cynthia Bella, 7 Beautiful Celebrity Charm is also Bloody Sunda Geulis Pisan! – Speaking of Sundanese blooded women, of course beautiful women who will immediately be reminded in the head. It is undeniable that Sundanese-blooded women have an extraordinary charm. The term flower for the city of Bandung itself may not only be a beautiful and beautiful city, but also because of the beautiful nature of the women.

Sundanese woman herself has the characteristics of clean and bright skin and soft words. No wonder if a series of beautiful Sundanese-blooded celebrity is always successful in stealing the attention with his charming face.

Who do they think they are? Rather than curious, here is a series of Sundanese bloody celebrity portraits guaranteed to captivate the heart.

1. Anisa Rahma

Initial appearance Anisa Rahma incorporated in the girl band Cherrybelle successfully steals the attention. This woman who was born in Bandung, 12 October 1990 also has Sundanese blood. Having a sweet smile makes it easily attractive to fans. Although he decided to quit the girl band that had catapulted his name, he is now more focused on taking care of the family.

2. Melody Nurramdhani Laksani

Who does not know Melody Nurramdhani Laksani. Former one of the members of the JKT48 music group, successfully made his name more popular and widely known by the public of the country. This woman born in Bandung is famous for her geulis look.

In fact, he is also very proud when speaking Sundanese. The charm of the soft melody with the characteristics of the city of Bandung is increasingly captivating with a hijab dressing.

3. Kirana’s Image

Beautiful artist edited by Rezky Aditya This is no less in the spotlight because of the beautiful face that often adorns the television screen. Apparently this 26-year-old woman has Sundanese blood in her. It might still be warm in the mind, when Kirana’s image wearing a Sundanese siger headdress when holding a wedding. This beauty is perfect.

4. Laudya Cynthia Bella

This beautiful one is indeed a native Sundanese woman. This woman, by the name of Bella, was born in Bandung on February 24, 1988, Bella worked her way up from a magazine model until now her name has never been understood in the entertainment industry in the country. Her natural beautiful face and soft speech made her much idolized.

5. Adhisty Zara

Born in Bandung, who can resist the charm of Zara, a former JKT48 member? The owner’s full name Adhisty Zara Sundari Kusumawardhani has become an idol among young people. His successful career as a singer, dancer, and an actor he successfully proved by maintaining his existence in the entertainment world as it is today. The owner of this cute face also attracts attention with a charming appearance that he often shares through his personal Instagram.

6. Isyana Sarasvati

Since the beginning of its appearance in the entertainment world, it seems Isyana is one of the women who has a complete package. Besides being beautiful, she is also so talented in the music world. The works that he always presents always explode in the community. Apparently, Geulis Isyana apparently obtained from the Sundanese blood he had.

7. Raisa

Talk about Raisa, there is always no end. The singer with a golden voice always succeeded in capturing the hearts of fans with her beautiful charm. No wonder the mesmerizing look he got from one of his Sundanese parents. Although it has been edited by Hamish David and has one baby, Raisa’s charm is always charming.

8. Syahrini

Name Syahrini is also one of Indonesia’s Sundanese celebrities who is not inferior to his charm. Has a characteristic with a gentle speaking style, makes a wife of Reino Barack this is always known. Geulis Pisan Euy.

That’s a series of beautiful Sundanese-blooded celebrity portraits that always steal the show. Who do you think is the most charming charm?

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