Immortals Fenyx Rising is greater than the sum of its parts

Remember when Ubisoft introduced the game Gods & Monsters there at E3 2019? Do not feel guilty if you have forgotten since, since then, very little has been shown about the game, at least until we find out that it was renamed to Immortals Fenyx Rising.

But the name was not the only change since that first and brief trailer: his art direction also seems to have undergone many changes since then, and we were able to see how it all looked first hand thanks to an invitation from Ubisoft, which gave Voxel the chance to play the game from the beginning for almost five uninterrupted hours.

The son of Zelda and Assassin’s Creed Odyssey?

In Greek mythology, it was common to find stories about Zeus descending to Earth for epic romantic adventures, fathering sons and daughters almost as legendary as their creator. Immortals it could very well be part of a story like that, as he seems to have inherited “powers” from two important figures in Olympus Games.

Immortals Fenyx Rising takes a lot of elements from Zelda and Assassin’s CreedSource: Ubisoft

Its greatest and most notable influence is The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, something that is not at all subtle, as we will explain better below, but there is also a lot of the latter assassins Creed in your DNA. Not only because of the obvious mythological context surrounding the two works, but because of the game’s structure, world and missions.

On the vast map of Immortals, there are tons of challenges and characters to meet, a ton of side missions to complete and collectibles in every corner to ensure you buy new powers and equipment upgrades. There are so many improvements obtained right away that the game’s initial pace is funny: it’s as if you gain new power with each completed mission!

Make your legend

The first thing you do when starting a game is to create your own version of the protagonist Fenyx. You can opt for a more muscular and masculine body, or for more feminine traits, but the whole creation system avoids gender limitations, and you can create the type of hero you want, from a bearded woman to a female voice-over . It’s really cool to try and play a little there!

The protagonist Fenyx can have the look you wantThe protagonist Fenyx can have the look you wantSource: Ubisoft

And you don’t have to worry if you stop liking the character you created, as the game presents a humorous solution to this problem a little later, when you have access to the main world and find a plastic surgery table, something “very used by the gods when they need to come to Earth with another identity “, as an ally explains.

Humor, by the way, is something very present in the game, which I really liked. Immortals Fenyx Rising makes use of a very clever narrative system, since its entire plot is narrated through interactions between Zeus and Prometheus, who are concerned with the threat of the main antagonist, Typhon. Whenever the protagonist does something worthy of note, an off narration from the duo makes smart considerations about the events.

Thus, the tone of the story fits well with the more cartoonish and colorful look of the mythological journey. As someone who enjoys reading and seeing works focused on Greek mythology, this approach pleased me much more than the excesses seen in franchises like God of War. Rather than being limited to bloodbaths and ultraviolence, Immortals he works on the characters and is concerned with making them charismatic, with some direct surprises and twists along the way.

The Legend of Ubisoft

It is not just today that the main successes of video games, those games that prove to be deeply impactful, well received by critics and owners of big sales serve as an example for other products. Since its launch in 2017, The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild proved to be one of those titles, and Immortals do not hesitate at all when drinking from its source.

Boss fights are fun, but not particularly strikingBoss fights are fun, but not particularly strikingSource: Ubisoft

It is even complicated to highlight the main similarities among so many. The way Fenyx runs and climbs mountains, with a breath meter that is gradually being drained, is a sparse copy of the BOTW. In the same way, the heroine gradually obtains new equipment, such as the power to reach objects in the distance and then throw them, in a way that is deeply similar to the modern classic of Nintendo.

Spread across the world, several slits offer miniature dungeons, with a structure very, very similar to shrines. Some of them have bosses, others hide environmental puzzles, how to fit large spheres into holes in the scenery, exactly as we have already seen in the game of Big N. In particular, it does not bother me at all to see a game being strongly inspired by one of the best games of all. times, but you can’t help but comment on these similarities.

Because, unlike Genshin Impact, at no time did I feel a “bootleg” or a lazy copy. On the contrary, the feeling that Immortals passed on to me was cohesion and purpose, as if the mechanics of BOTW really fit well with the game and adventure that Ubisoft wanted to do. So, even five hours later, I was still in the mood to continue exploring your little world.

Some puzzles look too much like what was seen in Breath of the WildSome puzzles look too much like what was seen in Breath of the WildSource: Ubisoft

Will you get in gear or will you get tired?

Our demo was all dubbed and subtitled in Portuguese, and Ubi hired great known voice actors for movies and cartoons to bring their characters to life, which made the quests even more enjoyable. The biggest problem is that, in the same way that usually happens in other games of the producer. can the general map get a little … too polluted?

The more time goes by, the more your hub seems completely overwhelmed with things to do, which can overwhelm the player who just wanted to see how the story goes. I know some people who felt something similar when playing adventures too big like Assassin’s Creed Odyssey, and the same problem seems to plague Immortals.

The first 5h amused me enough to want to see the rest of the game, but I was also afraid it would get repetitiveThe first 5h amused me enough to want to see the rest of the game, but I was also afraid it would get repetitiveSource: Ubisoft

Still, it is curious to note how the combination of all these virtues and problems managed to generate an instigating work. With fun and functional combat, great use of mythological elements, and a vast world full of possibilities, I am curious to see how the next hours of Immortals Fenyx Rising will unfold.

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