I Care: 10 movies that look like Netflix’s new sensation

Netflix’s thriller movie I care won the public’s attention and became the new sensation of the moment. Rosamund Pike, in the role of the protagonist Marla Grayson, showed the appearance of a new icon in the figure of an anti-heroine; approach commonly seen in film and TV by male characters such as Tony Soprano, Dexter and Walter White.

The plot of the attraction revolves around a woman who works as a legal guardian for the elderly, but does not aim to provide good care for them, but rather to manage their finances and control all their assets. It is a long thought-provoking one, in which the message of conquering a position of power – no matter what the price – to achieve a higher social condition in life.

She shows herself to be a narcissistic and swindling sociopath, with morally questionable behavior, involved in criminal activities. It also reveals its coldest, most implacable and, at the same time, determined and charismatic face. In this context, check out our selection below with 10 other films that deal with the moral failure of the human being in search of power, figures that operate under their own code dominated by greed, through actions driven by their own ambition.

Femme Fatale

Femme FataleFemme FataleSource: IMDb / Reproduction

The plot starring Antonio Banderas and Rebecca Romijn revolves around narcissistic sociopaths who deceive not only their victims, but a whole network of crime. After looting an extravagant set of jewelry at an event, a female member of a criminal gang escapes to avoid having to share the theft with her partners. History is full of dark secrets and twists.


ScarfaceScarfaceSource: IMDb / Reproduction

The masterpiece by Brian De Palma and Oliver Stone starring Al Pacino tells the journey of Tony Montana, a Cuban immigrant to Miami, in the 1980s. Arriving in the new city with the goal of growing in life, he enters the world of drug trafficking and forms a large fortune. The incessant search for ever greater power may put all your “work” at risk and lead to your downfall.

Eight Women and a Secret

Eight Women and a SecretEight Women and a SecretSource: IMDb / Reproduction

The continuation of the franchise started in Eleven men and a secret brings a group formed by women. It is the story of a swindler who leads a group of criminals who are very skilled in stealing millionaire items. The film features a cast of big names in the roles of team experts such as Sandra Bullock, Cate Blanchett and Anne Hathaway.


ParasiteParasiteSource: IMDb / Reproduction

Bong Joon-ho’s award-winning drama follows a family that uses blows and tricks to have a better life. Seeing the success of another family, the Kim find ways to insert themselves in that environment. The production addresses themes such as envy and brings a lot of social criticism, in a way that captures the attention and surprises the audience with the absurd unfolding of the story.

the wolf of Wall Street

the wolf of Wall Streetthe wolf of Wall StreetSource: IMDb / Reproduction

The film is an adaptation of the real story of Jordan Belfort (played by Leonardo DiCaprio), an ambitious stockbroker on the Wall Street stock exchange. With unscrupulous attitudes to get rich at all costs, his journey to power is fraught with excesses, be it money, drug use and problems with justice.


KajillionaireKajillionaireSource: IMDb / Reproduction

The dramatic comedy production starring Gina Rodriguez and Evan Rachel Wood tells the story of two swindlers who teach their daughter, from a young age, to deceive others. In the midst of many thefts, the family’s life faces a major upheaval when the consequences of their actions begin to appear. The attraction has a lighter tone when it comes to money and social ascension.

Chatô: The King of Brazil

Chatô: The King of BrazilChatô: The King of BrazilSource: IMDb / Reproduction

The production is an adaptation of the life of Assis Chateaubriand, a communications tycoon known for being one of those responsible for bringing television to Brazil. With severe attitudes at the helm of much of the 20th century media, the plot highlights the search for power and the attitudes to maintain this domination.

Hunger for Power

Hunger for PowerHunger for PowerSource: IMDb / Reproduction

The film features the story of Ray Kroc, a former salesman responsible for transforming a simple restaurant into the largest McDonald’s fast food chain. The plot works with concepts of ambition, persistence and cruelty to achieve a better financial and social situation.

The deal

The dealThe dealSource: IMDb / Reproduction

A powerful millionaire, played by actor Richard Gere, is involved in an accident responsible for the death of a person. Afraid of losing his status and influence in his social environment, he flees the crime scene and turns to an unlikely figure for help. In addition, secrets involving fraudulent illegal activities start to emerge and threaten to destroy everything he has achieved.


PowerPowerSource: IMDb / Reproduction

Netflix’s recent science fiction production addresses the effects of a pill capable of granting superpowers for 5 minutes to the person who takes it. After his appearance in the city of New Orleans, a drug dealer and a police officer join an ex-soldier to overthrow the group responsible for its creation. The title makes an allegory to the temporary condition of the power and actions necessary to achieve certain objectives.

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