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THE Hyundai announced a partnership with Alive to bring connectivity to vehicles. The Bluelink platform arrived on the HB20 line of 2022 and “and allows the owner to know the car’s location in real time, as well as functions such as starting or controlling the air conditioning remotely. The novelty comes just after Stellantis launches a new Fiat Toro with 4G from TIM.

New HB20 2022 has Bluelink with internet signal from Vivo (Image: Reproduction / Hyundai)

New HB20 2022 has Bluelink with internet signal from Vivo (Image: Reproduction / Hyundai)

A differential of Bluelink is that it will be available in the HB20, which is the cheapest vehicle of the Korean automaker. Hyundai says it prioritized the entry model to “democratize” the connected car technology, which has an eSIM IoT virtual chip for connection to Vivo’s network.

Bluelink uses Vivo network and has smart services

The data connection brings intelligent functions to the HB20 equipped with Bluelink. Through an application on the cell phone, it is possible to start the vehicle remotely, as well as control the air conditioning, open and close windows, activate the blinker and trigger the alarm.

Smartphone app allows you to control a car remotely (Image: Playback / Hyundai)

Smartphone app allows you to control a car remotely (Image: Playback / Hyundai)

The automaker highlights the vehicle’s real-time location, and in the event of theft or theft, the center can share the information with law enforcement authorities. The Hyundai team can even block the vehicle for new starts if the engine is switched off during an accident.

In an emergency, the driver can use the SOS button that is located on the vehicle’s internal rear view mirror, and the Hyundai center will now have access to the exact location to coordinate the rescue. In the event of a collision with the deployment of airbags, notification is made automatically.

HB20's internal rearview mirror has SOS button (Image: Playback / Hyundai)

HB20’s internal rearview mirror has SOS button (Image: Playback / Hyundai)

In addition to the help against theft, theft or accidents, the location allows the owner to establish a virtual fence on the map: if the vehicle leaves the perimeter, an alert will arrive on the owner’s smartphone. There is also the Valet Mode, which allows establishing the distance to be traveled, maximum speed and blocking the functions of the multimedia panel.

Hyundai also points out that Bluelink sends an alert to the owner’s smartphone if there is any fault detection, and it is possible to consult monthly reports on the driver’s driving style.

Hyundai charges R $ 29.90 per month to keep a car connected

Bluelink will be available for the HB20 2022 line, which arrives at dealerships starting this Monday (26th). Some versions already have the system connected as standard, and in others it is offered as an optional item:

Version Bluelink
HB20 Evolution 1.0 MT (hatch or sedan)
HB20X Evolution 1.6 AT
Does not have
Sold as an option for R $ 1,500
HB20 Sport TGDI 1.0 AT
HB20 Diamond TGDI 1.0 AT
HB20S Diamond TGDI 1.0 AT
HB20X Diamond 1.6 AT
HB20X Diamond Plus 1.6 AT
It has, as a standard item

To keep Bluelink up and running, it is necessary to pay a monthly fee of R $ 29.90, but the service is free for the first six months of use. The connected functions work only in the national territory, without any support for international roaming if the owner travels with his HB20 to neighboring countries.

Another detail is that Hyundai signed a partnership with Liberty Seguros. Thanks to the vehicle’s real-time location, owners of HB20 with Bluelink enabled can get a 10% to 15% discount on the policy.

No Wi-Fi on board, at least for now

A differential of several connected cars is the possibility of the vehicle becoming a Wi-Fi hotspot, to share the internet with passengers. This is not the case with the HB20 with Bluelink, which keeps the technology available only for wireless connection with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.

Multimedia panel of the new HB20 2022 (Image: Reproduction / Hyundai)

Multimedia panel of the new HB20 2022 (Image: Reproduction / Hyundai)

Hyundai’s product manager, Rodolfo Stopa, said the company preferred to start with safety and driver assistance services. He also states that the monthly fee of R $ 29.90 allows for a competitive price, and adding more services such as Wi-Fi on board would make Bluelink more expensive.

In addition, Stopa comments that the absence of Wi-Fi can be related to safety, in order to avoid incentives for the driver to use the cell phone while driving.

Connected cars from other automakers

In addition to Hyundai, other vehicle manufacturers have connected car solutions:


THE Jeep launched the platform Adventure Intelligence, which has 4G for Wi-Fi on board, connected services and assistance. The Novo Renegade and Compass 2022 models can be controlled via the smartphone app or through the Amazon Alexa voice assistant. The automaker gives a free year for the active service and did not disclose the price after the period; to have Wi-Fi it is necessary to contract a package directly with the TIM, with prices starting at R $ 30 monthly.


THE Chevrolet owns the service OnStar on some vehicles, and the monthly fee varies between R $ 59.90 and R $ 99.90, depending on the package. Anyone who wants Wi-Fi internet in the car must hire the internet package separately, with a monthly price of R $ 29.90 (2 GB) to R $ 84.90 (20 GB). The signal is provided by Of course.


THE Fiat owns the service Connect Me on Nova Toro 2022. Just like the Jeep platform, it is possible to control the car by app for smartphone and Amazon Alexa. With 4G signal provided by TIM, the manufacturer has not yet revealed the monthly price, but gives a free year of the complete package and two more years of basic service. Wi-Fi on board is contracted separately, with a monthly price starting at R $ 30.

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