Hydra Market forced to close its doors, watch out for Octo malware on Android, this is the recap of the week

The Frankfurt prosecutor’s office seized Hydra Market, SFR increases the price of the RED offer, researchers discover malware called Octo which is hidden in several Android applications, this is the recap ‘of the week.

As unlimited storage on Google Photos makes a comeback for T-Mobile subscribers, German police are drawing a line under the world’s biggest black market, Hydra Market. The Speedcam Anywhere application displeases motorists who accuse it of being a denunciation tool. SFR subscribers, here’s how to refuse the price increase for RED packages. Finally, the editorial staff of Phonandroid takes stock of the Android applications that are victims of the Octo malware.

Google Photos and T-Mobile team up to offer unlimited storage

On June 1, 2021, Google abandoned the unlimited storage feature on Google Photos, which was very popular with users. This option is now making a comeback, but will not concern everyone. Indeed, subscribers to T-Mobile plans will soon be able to take advantage of unlimited storage in Google Photos. It remains to be seen whether Google will develop new partnerships with other operators in the future.

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Speedcam Anywhere does not appeal to users

Silicon Valley AI specialists and British university researchers have teamed up to develop an app to boost road safety. Called Speedcam Anywhere, this app aims to estimate the speed of a vehicle using an AI. Unfortunately for developers, motorists are not seduced, quite the contrary. Indeed, many users consider SpeedCam Anywhere as a whistleblower application.

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Hydra Market closes its doors

Hydra Market, the site specializing in black market products, was seized by the German police, to the chagrin of its sellers and customers. The authorities seized 23 million euros in Bitcoins and therefore forced the largest black market in the world to close its doors. The identity of the administrators of the platform is still unknown.

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SFR increases some of its prices again

Once again, the operator SFR has decided to increase its prices: this time, it is RED by SFR subscribers who are affected by this increase of 3 euros per month. Be aware, however, that it is possible to refuse this increase within the next four months: you just have to go to the site indicated at the bottom of the email sent by the operator and click on “Refuse this new offer”.

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Several Android applications victims of a new malware

Computer security researchers from Threat Fabric have discovered a new Android malware, dubbed Octo. This malware, once infiltrated into your phone, will seek to steal your personal data in order to connect to your banking and cryptocurrency exchange applications. Go to our dedicated news to find out the names of the infected applications.

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Our tests of the week

Huawei MateBook E: a real competitor to Microsoft’s Surface Pro

Huawei takes up the challenge with this particularly attractive PC for mobile users, despite a rear foot that is not always practical and the absence of storage for the stylus. We love its OLED screen, its compact format and its autonomy. The MateBook E is particularly ideal for entertainment. We regret that its power is sometimes a little limited and the keyboard is still perfectible.

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Redmi Note 11 Pro 5G: very good value for money

If your budget is less than 400 euros, you will be seduced by the Redmi Note 11 Pro 5G. With its impeccable design, its beautiful screen, its excellent autonomy and its well-balanced and mastered hardware part, this new Redmi offers excellent value for money. Despite a good photo part for this price range, a telephoto lens would have been preferable to the macro sensor and the ultra-wide-angle is a bit disappointing.

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The Galaxy S22 Plus, attractive but perfectible

Samsung offers here a well-made smartphone, with a very neat design, an excellent screen and a very good triple photo module. That being said, the autonomy of the S22 Plus is not up to par, the Exynos 2200 heats up too much and we regret that the mains adapter is sold separately.

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Xiaomi hits hard with its Watch S1

The Watch S1 seduced us with its sophisticated design, its quality Amoled screen, its excellent autonomy and its fluid navigation. We love its two bracelets provided, even if we regret the absence of a female version. The OS is simple and intuitive and the Xiaomi Watch S1 is definitely one of the best watches on the market right now.

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4.5/5 for the Xiaomi 12

If you are looking for an excellent compact smartphone, the Xiaomi 12 is for you. With its nice design, excellent screen, power and audio design, this new Xiaomi is one of the best high-end mini smartphones of the moment. A few small flaws on the photo side: if the main sensor is good, we like the night mode less, the very pronounced HDR and the absence of optical zoom.

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