Huawei’s Incredible Curved Screen, Disney’s Response to Scarlett Johansson, Weekly Recap

Huawei is working on a smartphone that pushes the limits of the curved screen, Disney retaliates after Scarlett Johansson’s complaint, a new parcel delivery scam is raging, here is the recap ‘of the week!

Caution was called for this week. After adding a data collection device in TousAntiCovid, you were told how to avoid being spied on by the application. There was also talk of this Samsung smartphone that caught fire in an airplane, while the passengers were still on board. And then, you were also presented with this phishing news, which consists of having your package blocked in the warehouse to charge you a reprogramming fee. Even the stars were not spared, as the fight between Scarlett Johansson and Disney proved to have an unexpected twist. And meanwhile, Huawei is inventing an extremely curved screen.

TousAntiCovid collects your data, here’s how to protect yourself

During the month of June, TousAntiCovid has a data collection system without warning its users. According to a group of researchers, the application records most of the actions made by the user “, thus endangering his privacy. Fortunately, it is possible to deactivate this device and, at the same time, prevent the transmission of personal information. All you have to do is go to Settings> Statistics and audience measurements then uncheck the box. You can then delete your data by clicking on the button in the same place. The application will therefore no longer be able to determine your movements or collect other statistics that may prove to be sensitive.

tousanticovid prevent application spy

Huawei patents a (very) curved screen

“Arc Display” is the name of this intriguing new patent from Huawei. The idea is simple, but no less ambitious. The Chinese firm thus imagines a extremely curved screen, completely covering the sides of the smartphone until it lands on the back. It was therefore necessary to find a solution for the buttons generally located at this location. For this, the manufacturer opts for tactile buttons as well as for a system based on the force of pressure by the user. By pressing more or less hard on the face of the smartphone, the latter could perform the desired action. As for the selfie sensor, it would be found under the screen so as not to spoil the view.

huawei patent screen

Disney retaliates after Scarlett Johansson complaint

While her contract with Scarlett Johannson clearly stated that Black Widow was only to be released in theaters, the actress didn’t like that it was also available on Disney +. At the end of July, she therefore filed a lawsuit against the entertainment giant, judging that she was financially losing in the affair. An estimated loss all the same $ 50 million. After receiving the support of Elizabeth Olsen, interpreter of Wanda Maximoff, and causing a media outcry, the American star has angered Disney. “The complaint is particularly sad and distressing because it ignores the horrific and prolonged global impact of the Covid-19 pandemic”, replied the firm, which ensures that the contract is respected since the film has been shown in more than 1,500 theaters, as agreed. Scarlett Johansson’s lawyer accuses Disney “To camouflage his bad behavior with a confidential arbitration”. Case to follow.

Black widow

Samsung smartphone fails to set plane on fire

As his plane had just landed, a passenger – along with his cabin neighbors – had the unpleasant surprise to see his smartphone catch fire. Fortunately, the entire crew was immediately evacuated. The passengers were transported by bus to the terminal, some with minor injuries. The plane was towed to a departure gate and there was no impact on airport operations “, explains the airport. After expertise, it would seem that the phone in question is a Galaxy a51. But difficult to say with certainty as the latter has been damaged. At present, this is an isolated case. No serious injuries are to be deplored, other than “Minor scratches and bruises”.

smartphone samsung catches fire plane

Watch out for this new parcel phishing scam

A new method of parcel phishing is in progress. The scam involves making the recipient believe that their purchase is stuck in a warehouse for various reasons. What does not change, however, is the demand of hackers: “Reprogramming costs”. When clicking on the link, the victim is informed that they must pay 1 or 2 euros ” urgently “ if she wishes to collect her parcel. But the pot aux roses is quickly discovered. If by any chance the highly suspicious URL hasn’t already caught on, the last step leaves little room for doubt. Indeed, when we decide to pay the required amount, we are redirected to … a Galaxy S20 purchase page.

parcel delivery
Credit: Unsplash

Our tests of the week

Samsung, Samsung and more Samsung. This week, our testers started by finding out the Galaxy Buds 2, whose very good passive isolation and bass quality were a nice surprise. But, despite several handy features, the very average active noise reduction and its impact on battery life lower the score. Available at € 149.99. Now it’s time for foldable smartphones. the Galaxy z fold 3 benefits from a very good construction, which is felt both in its internal screen and in its external screen. But the photo experience leaves a lot to be desired compared to the S21 Ultra. We still appreciate the price drop, which leads to 1799 €. Finally, the Galaxy z flip 3 has nothing to envy of his companion. Its impeccable design, excellent screens and all of its features make it a very good smartphone. Only its autonomy and the lack of additional storage tarnish the picture. It sells for 1059 €.

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