Huawei deprived of components for its phones, Apple launches the Apple Watch 6, the price of the PS5 revealed, the recap of the week

A conference from Sony and another from Apple, Huawei plunged into turmoil in China, TikTok and WeChat banned from American soil, Lidl which attacks Apple Airpods… We debrief all the news of the week!

Certainly, the tech news is super busy at the moment. If the previous week had been marked by the prices and launch date of Microsoft’s Xbox Series X and Series S, it is Sony’s turn to respond. The two models of PS5 have also found tariffs and a date of availability. At the same time, Apple introduced its Watch Series 6 and Watch SE. Huawei, for its part, finds itself trapped because of the American embargo. As for Lidl, the brand is launching wireless headphones at a ridiculously low price to better compete with the big brands like Apple, Samsung or Sennheiser. Go on the road, we’re doing the tech world tour of the week.

Sony unveils PS5 price and launch date

Sony held a live this week dedicated to its brand new game console, the PlayStation 5. Its two new consoles should we rather say, because the classic PS5 is also available in a version without Blu-Ray reader and called PS5 Digital Editing. Between the two ? 100 euros difference. The PS5 is therefore priced at € 499.99, while the Digital Edition is sold for € 599.99. Available from November 19, 2020, the console is already experiencing significant stock shortages everywhere. However, online stores occasionally offer restocking. Do not hesitate to consult our page dedicated to pre-orders of the PS5, we update it as soon as we have any information on pre-orders.

PS5 price

TikTok and WeChat get kicked out of American soil

As of September 20, 2020, TikTok and WeChat will no longer be available for download from the App Store or Play Store. The case has been going on for nearly two months and does not seem to find a way out in favor of the two Chinese applications. Donald Trump has therefore decided that from Sunday, it will no longer be possible to download TikTok and WeChat on his mobile or tablet from the United States. If the apps will continue to work for those who have already retrieved them, they will no longer be updated. If the case of WeChat seems to be confirmed, TikTok will however benefit from a small reprieve until November 12, a new decision to be rendered by then. Enough to give TikTok time to be bought by Oracle? Nothing is less sure…

Credit: Unsplash

Huawei soon to run out of components?

If Huawei has been in turmoil for a year and a half now because of the American embargo, the telephone giant could until now count on its Chinese partners to supply it with components. But now, according to Digitimes, even Chinese founders have stopped supplying Huawei since September 15. Huawei, however, would have taken the lead by asking its partners to produce as many components as possible before the implementation of US sanctions. There is no question of shortage yet, therefore. On the other hand, the brand’s next flagship, the Mate 40, would only be launched in China, TSMC having been able to manufacture only 8.8 million Kirin 9000 chips. Production concerns which do not prevent Huawei from doing a box in another field, that of connected objects: in France, the manufacturer is making a real case and claims to experience 45% growth in the “wearables” category.

Credits: Kārlis Dambrāns via Flickr

Watch Series 6 and Watch SE: Apple unveils its new watches

Apple held its back-to-school keynote last Tuesday. The opportunity for the Cupertino giant to present its new iPad, but also and above all its Apple Watch Series 6 and Watch SE. If the Watch Series 6 is sold for 429 euros and has only a small amount of real new features, such as an oxygen sensor in the blood, it is especially with the Watch SE that Apple has created the event. A little less powerful than the Series 6, the SE has more than one trick up its sleeve, starting with its price: marketed at € 299, the watch is similar to a revised and corrected version of the Series 5 released last year. passed at a much more attractive price.

Apple watch series 6

Lidl sells true wireless headphones for less than € 20

If brands like Apple, Samsung or Sennheiser dominate the market for truly wireless headphones, we must admit that the prices displayed by the manufacturers are not within the reach of all budgets (count between 150 and 300 € to acquire this type audio accessory). Lidl has decided to strike a blow in the anthill by offering SilverCrest headphones for only 19.99 €. 15 minutes of charging are enough for them to offer 72 minutes of music listening and they offer a total of 3 hours of battery life.

lidl headphones
Credits: Capture Catalog Lidl

Our test of the GeForce RTX 3080

In short supply everywhere (like the PS5), the new Nvidia GeForce RTX 3080 is one of the biggest boxes of this fall. Ready for real-time ray-tracing, this graphics card offers unmatched performance at a much lower price than an RTX 2080 Ti. We had the opportunity to test it using different games like Metro Exodus, Assassin’s Creed Odyssey or Horizon Zero Dawn and give you all our conclusions. And we even offer you a video report of our test.

The RTX 3080

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