Huawei boosts the bass of its noise-canceling headphones

Huawei has just unveiled its FreeBuds 4, its true wireless noise reduction headphones. On the menu for this new iteration: even deeper bass reproduction, two microphones on each device, and headphones capable of adapting the sound to the user’s ear canal.

The FreeBuds 4 are there. If the first versions of huawei earphones did not meet all expectations, the manufacturer has continued to improve its technology. The FreeBuds 3 released in 2019 won us over, but there were still a few areas to improve.

Successful bet ? We will of course have the opportunity to test them, but in the meantime, here is everything we know about the new FreeBuds 4 that Huawei has just presented.

FreeBuds 4 adapt sound distribution according to the ear canal

Huawei’s FreeBuds 4 skip silicone tips. Why is that ? According to Huawei, the new technology benefiting the headphones should allow them to adapt to any type of ear canal. No passive isolation, therefore. But the manufacturer explains that this is a great first for its headphones, which are able to analyze the ear canal and adapt the ANC accordingly.

The Chinese giant is also announcing a marked improvement in audio reproduction. The Freebuds 4 sound better than the previous iteration, including “deeper” bass. For this, Huawei has developed a specific processing engine and explains that the headphones gain up to 50% efficiency in bass reproduction.

FreeBuds 4 also benefit from improved noise reduction. If the FreeBuds 3 benefited from 9 ANC modes, the new version of the headphones goes up a notch: they are no less than 16 ANC modes that are possible with the FreeBuds 4. In addition, Huawei promises less interference with the surrounding wind or blast. Finally, si the Freebuds 3 had 15dB isolation, the new wireless headphones go to 25dB. Huawei has also integrated two microphones in each of its headphones.

Finally, Freebuds 4 see their latency decrease, a function that smartphone players should appreciate: the latency is reduced by 50% and thus drops to 90 ms.

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FreeBuds 4 are lighter and less bulky

As on the old models, it is possible to control the FreeBuds 4 by touching their surface. A double tap is used, for example, to answer a call or to pause the music. A longer press provides a way to turn noise reduction on or off, or to reject a call. Finally, sliding your finger up or down on the earphone rod increases or decreases the volume. Last point : FreeBuds 4 can be connected to two devices.

In terms of autonomy, Huawei announces a duration of 4 hours of non-stop music listening, and 22 hours in total using the charging box. And precisely on the recharging side, it is possible to enjoy 14 hours of battery life by recharging the headphones for 30 minutes using the box alone, and 2.5 hours of longevity in 15 minutes and in fast charge mode.

On the design side, the FreeBuds 4 look a lot like the previous model, but Huawei announces a reduction in volume of 6% and weight of around 20%. The headphones and their charging case are available in three colors: Red, Ceramic White or Silver Frost.

The headphones are marketed at 899 yuan (115 euros). Prices and availability for the French market remain unknown at this time, but we will not hesitate to update this article as soon as we get more information.

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