Huawei announces Freebuds 4i, active noise-canceling headphones for less than 100 euros

Huawei has just lifted the veil on its new True Wireless headphones: the FreeBuds 4i. Equipped with active noise reduction technology and a new design compared to the 3i, they are offered at a price of 100 euros, which makes them interesting on paper.

Freebuds 4i

All smartphone manufacturers want their True Wireless headphones to go with their products. Apple, OnePlus, Samsung… and of course Huawei. It is the latter that interests us today as he presents his new baby: the FreeBuds 4i. These headphones logically succeed the FreeBuds 3i and want to bring the best of Huawei technology to the segment. They get a new design, with an ovoidal case which, according to the company, adapts better to the shape of the palm. We take them at their word, the most important thing being that they don’t take up too much space in a pocket or bag.

This box is very classic in its approach to the product, with a small LED on the outside to provide information on battery life and connection, as well as a cover that allows access to the headphones. Product is available in white, black and red. The headphones in question adopt a classic in-ear shape with a rubber tip and a small appendage to seat it well in the pinna of the ear. Unsurprisingly, Huawei also offers a tactile dimension to its product, since you can control your FreeBuds by tapping on them, to change music or listening mode, for example. Something that you see everywhere else but still appreciable on this kind of device.


FreeBuds 4i offer active noise reduction

But the biggest asset of the FreeBuds 4i is the presence an active noise reduction algorithm. This is nothing new, since it was already present on the previous Huawei model. For the uninitiated, this means that once the headphones are put on and the option activated, the noises around you will disappear. If the algorithm works, you won’t even hear someone talking within feet of you without music playing in the background.

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Headphones also offer a perception mode, which allows you to do the opposite. Thanks to the microphone on the outside of the object, you will hear all the noises around you, even with the music playing. Here again, the thing is interesting if it is controlled and allows greater security during your urban trips. It will obviously be necessary to test all this to determine if these two algorithms work effectively.

Huawei promises 22 hours of battery life

Autonomy is the sinews of war for this kind of product and with its Freebuds 4i, Huawei promises a battery that can go until 10 p.m. with active noise reduction (by combining earpiece and box). The box is compatible with fast charging and can theoretically offer four hours of music for only ten minutes of charging.

Freebuds 4i

For the sound itself, the manufacturer indicates that its FreeBuds 4i are equipped with 10mm drivers that promise powerful bass. The press release praises the merits of the product on pop music. Again, this is a fact that we will need to verify in our tests, this kind of statement being questionable. Finally, it should be noted that if you have a Huawei smartphone with EMUI 10 or more, you will be able to benefit from small additional options like quick pairing, very convenient.

In short, the FreeBuds 4i are attractive on paper and could tickle the big names in the segment, Apple Airpods or Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro. The main argument of this new challenger is its price set at 99 euros, a hundred euros less than the direct competition. Headphones will be available from March 22 on the Huawei site and 20 euros will be refunded on the purchase until April 25.

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