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Subscription clubs have existed for a while in the same known format: the customer pays a fixed amount per month and receives the same box as all other subscribers. Be it a book club, geek items, cosmetics, wines or vinyl, the model is the same – varying some gifts here and there. However, some companies are betting on something varied.

Especially for vinyl, which has one of the most expensive signatures, the demand is greater, and it is difficult to reach a result that pleases everyone. For that, some clubs (from abroad) bet on algorithms to make the selection of the vinyl record of the month.

Vinyl Record (Image: Roman Kraft / Unsplash)

Vinyl Record (Image: Roman Kraft / Unsplash)

The algorithm formula + subscription club

Basically, when signing up on the platform, these vinyl subscription clubs ask the customer to choose a favorite genre or connect a Spotify account, for example, to find out which disc to bet on.

In this way, the subscriber is able to grow the collection with things that, theoretically, he likes. In the standard format, Facebook is full of vinyl listeners looking for a good deal on that record that came from the club, but it’s nothing like the rest of the collection – eclectic beings are exceptions.

4 vinyl clubs that use algorithms to suggest records

As I mentioned, the clubs below are from abroad. In Brazil, subscriptions are not as varied as they are with books, but they do exist – I have listed the options available below services abroad.

1. Vnyl

On Vnyl, the subscriber tells the platform what the musical taste is and connects the Spotify account on the platform. From there, curators use this profile data and a “vibe” chosen every month to select the disc to send. An optional step is also to connect the Discogs account, to avoid receiving something that is already in the collection.

Vnyl starts at $ 39 a month. This service does not ship to Brazil.

Vnyl Box (Image: Disclosure / Vnyl)

Vnyl Box (Image: Disclosure / Vnyl)

2. Blind Tiger Record Club

Subscribers to this vinyl club can choose a musical genre or a category called “discover”. From there, the service selects an album to send to the customer every month. It is allowed to switch between genders.

The subscription to the Blind Tiger Record Club in the quarterly plan costs US $ 102 (no monthly charge). There are deliveries to Brazil, but the quarterly plan rises to $ 147.

3. Vinyl Me, Please

Vinyl Me, Please works with four “tracks” at the club: Classics, Essentials, Hip-Hop and Country. When subscribing, the listener chooses one of these categories to receive a corresponding vinyl every month. Switching between genders is also allowed.

Vinyl Me, Please membership starts at US $ 33. There are deliveries to Brazil, but the price goes up to US $ 52.

4. Black Box Record Club

Not just vinyl, the Black Box Record Club delivers a box with two records and some gifts. At this club, subscribers can recommend their favorite songs or connect their Spotify account to receive LPs that they like best.

Black Box Record Club (Image: Press Release / Black Box Record Club)

Black Box Record Club (Image: Press Release / Black Box Record Club)

The monthly fee is US $ 40. The Black Box Record Club has an international modality for US $ 34, but Brazil does not appear on the list. The company says in the footer that if the country is not on the list, just send an email to for them to add.

And in Brazil, what are the disco clubs?

Here in Brazil I found three vinyl subscription clubs, but with a fixed mode: all listeners receive the same LP.

1. Noize Record Club

The Noize Record Club is the first vinyl club in Latin America, it is what they declare to be an “instant classic”. The service sends a kit with the exclusive disc and a 60-page Noize magazine to complement the album experience.

The monthly subscription to the Noize Record Club costs R $ 75. The same records are also sold to non-subscribers for R $ 125, but in a limited run that sells out in a short time. The only guarantee that you will receive the exclusive copy is being a member of the club.

LPs and Noize magazine (Image: Disclosure / Noize)

LPs and Noize magazine (Image: Disclosure / Noize)

2. Three Seals

A little more salty, the subscription of Três Selos costs R $ 120 per month. In this club, a disc (already published) is sent in a special edition, in 180 grams, with glued paste, insert with 12 pages and exclusive poster.

The spare discs from Três Selos can be purchased for R $ 160. But there is also no guarantee of the durability of the stock.

3. Vinil Brasil Clube

Also a vinyl record factory, Vinil Brasil has its own club, which delivers one of the releases of the month to subscribers, before being sold at the label store.

The monthly subscription fee is R $ 135. After reaching the store, the values ​​of the vinyls may vary, for consumers not subscribing to this club, and are also subject to stock availability.

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