How to withdraw or deposit money on Nubank

Nubank’s digital account is controlled entirely by cell phone, through the app for Android and iOS, eliminating the need to go to physical agencies. Working differently from traditional banks, many people are unsure about how to withdraw or deposit money on Nubank.

In this regard, it is important to note that NuConta operates similarly to conventional accounts. That is, fintech customers are able to add and withdraw money at any time, without major difficulties, in addition to having access to various other services.

What is NuConta?

Launched in 2017, NuConta is a free payment account that initially only allowed you to make transfers. Over time, it gained new features, becoming more complete and similar to a current account.

The Nubank account is free.Source: Nubank / Disclosure

Payments of bills and taxes, transfers via PIX and TED, payment scheduling, debit purchases, virtual card and income superior to savings are some of the services available in Nubank’s digital account, today.

Deposits and withdrawals are also offered by fintech, facilitating the movement of funds on a daily basis.

How to deposit to Nubank account?

To move your digital account, you need to put money into it. Depositing at NuConta can be done in the following ways:

Deposit by boleto

1. Open the Nubank app on your phone and tap on the “Deposit” option in the menu located at the bottom of the screen (you need to roll it to the side);

Home screen.Home screen.Source: André Dias / Reproduction

2. On the next page, choose “Boleto”;

Choosing boleto.Choosing boleto.Source: André Dias / Reproduction

3. Enter the deposit amount and touch the arrow on the right to confirm the generation;

Billet value.Billet value.Source: André Dias / Reproduction

4. Send the deposit slip by email or copy the barcode and make the payment as desired. It is worth mentioning that it can take up to 3 working days for the deposit to be recognized in this modality.

Deposit by PIX

Best alternative for those who need the money in the account urgently, the deposit by PIX at Nubank falls on time, regardless of the day and time. In this case, you will make the transfer from another institution to your account at fintech, informing the PIX key or NuConta data to send the money.

Here’s how to do it:

1. Open the app and tap the gear icon on the home screen;

Gear icon.Gear icon.Source: André Dias / Reproduction

2. Nubank account data is displayed at the top of the page;

Account data.Account data.Source: André Dias / Reproduction

3. You can also use the keys. To do this, tap on “My Pix keys”, then on the three dots icon next to the code and select “Share key”;

Sharing the PIX key.Sharing the PIX key.Source: André Dias / Reproduction

4. Use the data or the PIX key to transfer money from another bank to Nubank.

Deposit by TED

It is a similar solution to the previous one, making the transfer from another institution to the Nubank account. However, there may be a fee for the transaction and it is only available on business days, usually until 5pm.

Make a note of your account details (follow steps 1 and 2 above to find them) and transfer any amount starting at R $ 1 through another bank, remembering that after 5 pm, on weekends and holidays it is only possible schedule TED for the next business day.

How to withdraw money from NuConta

Needing to withdraw money from Nubank? There are two ways to withdraw amounts:

Withdrawal with Nubank debit card

Who has the Nubank card with the debit function enabled can make withdrawals at ATMs. However, there is a fee of R $ 6.50 for each withdrawal.

To use the service, follow these steps:

1. Go to any Banco24horas or Saque e Pague network and insert the card in the terminal;

2. Select the language (Portuguese / English);

Withdraw from the ATM.Withdraw from the ATM.Source: Banco24Horas / Disclosure

3. Choose the option “Debit” to withdraw from the current account;

4. Enter the desired value and the requested data.

Transfer to another account and withdraw

There is also the alternative of transferring the withdrawal amount to an account at another bank and withdrawing at the institution’s ATMs, free of charge.

In this example, we will perform the transfer via PIX, faster:

1. Touch “PIX” in the home page menu;

Home screen menu.Home screen menu.Source: André Dias / Reproduction

2. Go to “Transfer”;

Nubank PIX menu.Nubank PIX menu.Source: André Dias / Reproduction

3. Enter the value and press the arrow on the right;

PIX value.PIX value.Source: André Dias / Reproduction

4. Choose the recipient among the contacts, in the recent transfers or inform the account data;

PIX recipient.PIX recipient.Source: André Dias / Reproduction

5. Touch “Transfer” and enter the password to complete the transaction. Once the transfer is made, just go to the bank where the money is sent and withdraw it.

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