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Brazil was invaded by IPTV and streaming services, but amid so many paid options, it is also possible to watch movies and series for free. Check out a complete guide of services totally or partially free, and even paid platforms that offer a free tasting period.

In addition to the unpaid IPTV streaming and services, there are those that offer a trial period or even part of their free programming (Image: Disclosure)

How to watch movies and series [Streamings]

Netflix [parcialmente gratuito]

Although paid, Netflix has some titles available for free, which can be viewed without the need for registration. Among the series – which have only their first episodes available – are Stranger Things and Condemning Eyes. The films, which can be watched from beginning to end, range from Bird Box The Mystery in the Mediterranean.

NETmovies [gratuito]

Totally free, the NETMovies is ad-supported and has a catalog of 2,500 titles. Focused especially on old films such as Metropolis and At Midnight I Will Take Your Soul, and series for children, you only need one register to access your content.

Disney + [degustação]

How to watch movies and series for free [Guia completo] / Playback / DisneyPlus

Disney + has a 7-day trial period (Image: Reproduction / Disney +)

O Disney + requires a registration with your credit or debit card information so that you have access to a 7-day tasting period. After the test, it is necessary to cancel the service so that the subscription fee is not charged. The platform has productions from Marvel, Pixar, Star Wars and, of course, the very Disney.

Apple TV + [degustação]

THE Apple TV + it also has a 7-day tasting period. After completing a registration (where an Apple ID is required), the user can enjoy all his programming, which ranges from series such as The Morning Show even movies like On the Rocks. Before the period ends, it is necessary to cancel the subscription so that the monthly fee of R $ 9.90 is not charged.

Amazon Prime Video [degustação]

By registering on the platform, the Amazon Prime Video offers 30 days of free programming. After this period, if it is not canceled, the subscription is automatically renewed for a monthly fee of R $ 9.90. In addition to movies, streaming has series like The Boys.

VIX [gratuito]

Free and without registration, the VIX has a catalog with more than 1,500 hours of content in Portuguese. In addition to series and documentaries, the platform has concerts, such as the one by singer Adele, and films, such as The call.

How to watch movies and series for free [Guia completo] / Reproduction / Vix

VIX is a free streaming service (Image: Playback / VIX)

YouTube Premium [parcialmente gratuito e degustação]

Although there are benefits of subscribing to YouTube Premium, most of the films and series YouTube Originals can be watched free of charge with ads during viewing. In addition, for new qualified members, there is a trial period of the service for 2 months, but which, if not canceled, costs R $ 20.90 per month to the user.

How to watch movies and series [IPTV]

Pluto TV [gratuito]

Entirely free, the Pluto TV has more than 20 channels in its linear programming. That list goes from Classic Nick up until MTV Are You The One? and has ads in its commercial breaks. Their on-demand titles include films such as Theocracy in Vertigo, and series, such as Jeannie is a genius.

DirecTV Go [degustação]

How to watch movies and series for free [Guia completo] / Playback / Direct Go

Direct Go has pay and open TV channels (Image: Playback / Direct Go)

By registering on the platform, the DirecTV Go has a 7-day tasting period. After the test, if the subscription is not canceled, the card is automatically charged. The basic service plan has 72 pay and open TV channels, as Warner Channel and Record, and costs R $ 59.90 per month.

Globoplay [parcialmente gratuito e degustação]

Although most of its catalog is exclusive to subscribers, some productions from Globoplay are available free of charge to any user who has a Globo account. Journalism and sports programs, excerpts from soap operas and humor programs, and the live programming of the company itself TV Globo and Canal Futura are on that list. Furthermore, in special moments, there is a tasting period for new subscribers.

Guigo TV [degustação]

THE Guigo TV offers a free trial of your catalog for 7 days, and does not charge a penalty in case of cancellation. Its basic package includes linear channels like CNN Brazil and BBC World News.

Samsung TV Plus [gratuito]

How to watch movies and series for free [Guia completo] / Playback / Samsung TV Plus

Samsung TV Plus has 20 linear channels in its programming (Image: Playback / Samsung TV Plus)

Available in some brand smart TVs, a Samsung TV Plus is free and has 20 channels in its programming, as Tastemade and Bloomberg TV +.

Plex TV [gratuito]

By creating an account, Plex TV offers free access to its movie streaming, which features features like A Tale of Creaml, and its 80 linear channels, such as Reuters TV. Supported by ads, the platform, however, has no content in Portuguese.

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