How to view deleted web pages

Nothing really disappears from internet and we have several sites that provide access to pages that are currently down. Whether to “travel in time” and revisit an era, to check lost data or even bypass censorship barriersthese services are veritable “Libraries of Alexandria” of the internet.

In some cases, like Google, this storage is done through the page cache and others through HTML screenshots, allowing you to have a more interactive experience and access the page code. THE TecMundo separated 3 tools to help you check offline pages or old versions of the sites we know.

Online logs allow accessing old versions of websites, captured at specific points in time (Source: Shutterstock/Reproduction)Online logs allow accessing old versions of websites, captured at specific points in time (Source: Shutterstock/Reproduction)Fonte:  Shutterstock

1. Google Cache

Google performs instant backups of online pages. When these are taken down, the cached links display the latest version of a webpage that Google visited. Learn how to check a cached web page below:

  • Search Google for the page you want to access;
  • Among the results, choose the desired link and select the little down arrow next to the URL address;
  • Select the “Cached” option;

(Source: Google/Reproduction)(Source: Google/Reproduction)Source: Google

  • You will be redirected to the last version of the page that Google saved, with the date and time information from the cache record;

(Source: Google/Reproduction)(Source: Google/Reproduction)Source: Google

Google C works well for taken down pages where the main site is still active, such as a deleted news or product listing in stores, for example. If you can’t find it by Google search, you can check the cache through the URL of the page taken. Just replace the “” in the following address with the desired link:

2. Wayback Machine do Internet Archive

O Internet Archive is a non-profit organization founded in 1996 in San Francisco, California. In order to file information in multimedia, they performed “captures” of internet pages. THE Wayback Machine it is your time machine that allows you to access these pages at different times over the years.

To visit an old version of a website or a page that is no longer available, follow the steps below;

  • Go to the Wayback Machine website;
  • Search for the URL of the website you want and click “Enter”;
  • The site will provide page statistics and a timeline with the dates and quantities of daily prints that can be accessed;

(Source: WayBack Machine — Internet Archive/Reproduction)(Source: WayBack Machine — Internet Archive/Reproduction)Fonte:  WayBack Machine – Internet Archive

  • Choose a date and time;
  • The user will be redirected to an interactive version of the page — which still allows access to statistics and the copy’s source code;

TecMundo home page on April 26, 2011 (Source: WayBack Machine — Internet Archive/Reproduction)TecMundo home page on April 26, 2011 (Source: WayBack Machine — Internet Archive/Reproduction)Fonte:  WayBack Machine – Internet Archive

It is possible that some sites cannot be accessed if the organization’s crawlers do not know the page sought, especially smaller ones with few views, or that cannot be accessed without using a password, which would prevent captures.


O is a service that emulates old browsers while allowing you to access website files extracted from web page libraries such as the Internet Archive, among others.

To view a page, you need:

  • Access the website;
  • Enter the website URL;
  • Enter the date with exact time;
  • Choose the browser that will be emulated on the available operating system;
  • Click on “Reload”;

Amazon page on November 2, 2011 (Source: page on November 2, 2011 (Source:

Emulating old browsers and extracting data at the same time takes time and it takes a bit of patience to try out this time capsule — complete with sound effects and access to system programs. Despite the nostalgic experience, the wait time can be an obstacle for those who want to visit multiple pages.

TecMundo website on November 2, 2011 (Source: website on November 2, 2011 (Source:

The internet continues to evolve and there are many reasons to want to visit an old or offline page. The tools mentioned in this article are very useful when performing the public service of archiving so much information and memories.

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