How to use the Classwork app on iPad In 2023


This application works like a virtual classroom and allows the teacher to easily distribute, collect and correct homework and even share content with students even when they are outside the classroom.

Distribute and collect homework, monitor student progress, collaborate from anywhere and in real time, quickly check what they have learned during class with self-assessment sheets… These are some of the possibilities offered by the Classwork app, exclusively for iOS devices and which works like a virtual classroom. In this way, it not only helps teachers to better manage their subject work, it also enables students to be better organized and make the most of the iPad’s potential. If you want to try it but don’t know where to start, we teach you how to use it step by step.

Classwork Configuration

The first step is to set up the app in Apple School Manager: the school’s IT manager needs to set up teacher and student accounts and turn on the student progress feature. In this guide you can consult the necessary instructions.

Creation of classes

In the left sidebar, the teacher will find the ‘+’ symbol to add their own class, give it a name and choose a color and icon. Afterwards, she will have to press ‘Students’ to introduce the students. The last step is to click on ‘Add Class’, so that the virtual classroom will be set up to begin with. You may include more students at any time.

task design

Creating an activity is as easy as choosing the class that has to do it, clicking on the token-shaped icon and adding a list of recipients (the whole class or specific students), title, instructions and due date. Then, propose an activity (include an article they have to read, a PDF you want to send…) and publish the task. To introduce any type of element in the activity, you must first click on ‘Files’, select the one you want to add and touch the icon that represents a small arrow pointing upwards. Students will see assignments from all their classes on the dashboard sorted by due date.

Add app activities

Another type of task is the work with educational applications . By tapping ‘App Activity’ you can share specific app activities with students. Once this is done, the teacher will see a list of the ones they have installed on their iPad and the ones they can download. After choosing one, you will need to tap ‘Done’ and hit the arrow icon to post the task.

track progress

It is possible to see the performance of each student, check the individual progress and see how they have done with all the assigned work. To check how the class is doing with the task, you have to go to ‘Recent’ or click on the name of one of the classes and on the task. Incomplete activities are displayed there, those that are ready to be corrected or pending delivery. It also shows the progress of the students in all the exercises with data such as the time dedicated to the activity, the percentage completed, the scores in the questionnaires, the clues used or the points obtained. This information will be very useful to adapt the teaching to each minor.

adapt teaching

There may be students who need to repeat an activity or who have not arrived on time to complete the task. To see how a student carries out the activities, the teacher has to select the class and touch its name. From there, you can add a new exercise for him or reassign him the previous task.




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