How to use Resso to listen to free online music on mobile

Social music networks have been around since MySpace — for the older ones who still remember — which was quite successful for predating YouTube itself as free music streaming, boosting bands and artists of the time. Now we have the Resso, which promises to be the first social app to listen to free online music on mobile, with features that simulate the social network experience.

The idea is very similar to that of other networks: listening to music, chatting and sharing tastes with friends, always making new connections. To draw the attention of Brazilians, the app created a friendly, modern interface with more accurate recommendation features based on the songs listened to.

Of course, an application as new as this can raise a lot of questions. Therefore, TecMundo has prepared a guide that compiles all the main details about this novelty, teaching how to use Resso to listen to free music.

How to use Resso

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Competing with other music and podcast apps such as Tidal, Deezer, Amazon Music and the more famous Spotify, Resso is available for download from major app stores such as Google Play and the App Store.

Downloading from one of the stores and opening it on your device, the app gives you options to connect to TikTok — an interesting differential —, Facebook and Google, importing your main information, such as name and profile picture.

Then, just choose your birth date and mark the styles of music you like the most, with varied options of genres and famous artists indicating what you can find in each one of them.

Once the genres are chosen, great artists appear and the app asks you to choose 3 favorites, with the option to search for a specific artist.

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A great feature is that you can choose as many as you like and with each choice you get at least 3 more different options to score based on your chosen artist. Once the initial settings have been completed, the software starts looking for the best music suggestions, directly opening your “Diary Mix”, with the main indications of the application for you.

To beat competitors, the company bets on the strength of TikTok, reinforcing the connection to offer personalized options, in addition to sound effects, which can be applied for a limited time to each song, such as bass boost, better tuning and vocal reinforcement, for example .


The movements are very easy and intuitive: swipe upwards to randomly switch songs and swipe to the side to apply effects. On the main screen, we have the album image, something basic in music programs, however, with the addition of animations that show the effect applied and the lyrics of the song scrolling in parallel.

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As we’ve already mentioned, the idea of ​​the platform is to be a social music app. Therefore, it goes beyond the conventional features and adds some innovative details, such as:

  • enjoy music: add to your favorites list;
  • comment: register your opinion and chat with other users;
  • share: send your music or a specific quote you like to your social media.

In addition to these functions, we can also mention the download option — part of the premium plan that downloads music directly to the device — and the option to access the music list by selecting a specific track from the queue.

. (Source: TecMundo/Reproduction)

Check out other tricks offered:

  • intuitive visual;
  • interactive with other users;
  • access to song lyrics;
  • infinite scroll;
  • Lyrics mode, with real-time song lyrics overlay on lock and home screen;
  • timer that turns off the sound after the indicated time;
  • “My Party” mode with sound amplifier, party light and vibration;
  • choose audio quality between automatic, good, regular and excellent (available in premium);
  • equalizer.

All this without counting, of course, with all the other basic features, like being able to explore the catalog of genres and artists and find the artist and the music album, for example.

How to listen to free online music on mobile with Resso

Most of the options we share are free, starting, of course, with listening to music.

The application offers several features right in the free version, but for those who like it, the premium version can be interesting, allowing unlimited downloading of tracks, superior sound quality, skipping music as often as you like, and stopping ads.

For new users, the application already offers 14 days of free Premium plan, counting from the first use and without having to register a payment method. After the test, the values ​​are R$16.90 per month in the Standard Plan, R$8.50 in the Student Plan and R$26.90 in the Family Plan. Are you excited to try the new thing?

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