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To offer apps as extensions, where all examples can be added to the Google Chrome and to Microsoft Edge. See below, how to use the Google Chrome Web Store and improve your experience by using the best customization tool your browser has. At store, we can find varied extensions from development, to organization for the browser, besides selected themes.

How to use Google Chrome Web Store (Image:
How to use Google Chrome Web Store (Image:


There are basically 3 ways to navigate through the Google Chrome Web Store, looking for extensions and themes.

  • First, by searching for a specific term that interests you using a word or phrase in the search box in the upper left corner;
  • Making more specific filters when selecting the links category, also on the left side of the page;
  • Advanced filter, further increases the restriction having more specific results and closer to what you are looking for, such as: item type, characteristics, ratings etc.
Google Chrome Web Store Home & Search Page (Image: Leandro Kovacs/Reproduction)
Google Chrome Web Store Home & Search Page (Image: Leandro Kovacs/Reproduction)


There are a total of 13 categories already separated by Google Chrome Web Store to be used. Own recommendations Google, focused on accessibility, shopping, entertainment, developer tools, news, productivity, among others with more specific themes.

Details of an extension

To make sure that the item being featured in the survey is good for us, we may need a little more specific information about the item.

When hovering over an extension icon, the star rating (from 1 to 5) is visible, divided into audience taste levels, just like most other companies. stores.

Clicking on the item, we will have even more details, its description made by the extension creator, about what it is about. In addition to information about other items related to the survey, by affinity.

The best advertising is word of mouth. After clicking on the extension, there is nothing better than reading the comments of other users to expand your references about the effectiveness that the item is proposed.

Other regions and languages

Automatically, the Google Chrome Web Store already defines and displays extensions for your region and native language. But, this setting can be changed if the user believes he will find what he is looking for in another language, for example. For that just:

  1. Click on the “Settings” (gear) icon in the upper right corner;
  2. Go to the topic “Language” and make the change;
  3. Go to the topic “Local” and change the access region.
How to change the store region and language (Image: Leandro Kovacs/Reproduction)
How to change the store region and language (Image: Leandro Kovacs/Reproduction)

Just as in your survey, the opinion and comments of other users were important to decide which extension would be best for you, the reverse is true. When trying on an item from the Google Chrome Web Store, leave your positive or negative comment, providing the knowledge about the used item. Rate with stars (from 1 to 5) and leave your comment in writing providing more details.

Suggestion for comments

  • Don’t stray from the subject, stay focused on commenting on the functions of the tested extension;
  • Sem e-mails Where links to other sites in the comment;
  • Do not post false comments for any reason, especially raising an extension rating;
  • No explicit content;
  • No offenses, threats and aggressions;
  • Don’t impersonate anyone, this is embezzlement.

If you come across any comments that go against the guidelines mentioned above, click on the box to mark it as spam or abuse, right next to the comment.

Direct feedback to developer

If you have a good suggestion for improvement for a particular extension, it would be great to get in touch with its developer directly. At the Google Chrome Web Store it is possible through the steps:

  1. Select the item (extension or theme);
  2. Click on “Support”;
  3. Fill out the form and “Publish”.

With these simple tips, we can use the Store quietly and usefully, for ourselves and other users. The most important thing is to use the store with care and responsibility. Enjoy!

With information: Google.

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