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If you are looking to track a specific flight, know that there are websites that offer this option for free. Next, see how to use the Flight Radar for track flights in real time and learn more about the tool. The site is able to display details of trips happening in all regions of the world.

Azul Linhas Aéreas plane (Image: Disclosure)

Before going into more detail on how to use the Flight Radarit is important to remember that the tool is available for free — however, limited — via an application for Android and iPhone (iOS), in addition to the browser version.

If you want to have access to all the features offered by the tracker, you can subscribe to plans that vary between US$ 1,49 e US$ 49,90 per month (values ​​consulted on February 28, 2022). The more expensive the plan, the more functionality available to you.

Another way to get a subscription is to contribute data. By assembling your own tracker and sharing information with the platform, it is possible to gain access to the most complete plan of the Flight Radar.

Finding flights by regions

Time needed: 5 minutes.

One of the simplest ways to track a flight in real time through Flight Radar is by countries and regions. Thus, it is possible to delimit your search in the midst of the large amount of travel that takes place all over the world. See the step-by-step below.

  1. Go to website or app

    First, access the website — or open the app — and wait for the map to load completely;How to use Flight Radar to track flights in real time

  2. Choose a country or region

    Once everything is ready, click and drag the map to the region you want to find flights. You can also zoom in on the image to make your search easier. In fact, due to the amount of information displayed on the screen, some crashes can happen;How to use Flight Radar to track flights in real time

  3. Find flight details

    Finally, search for the plane you want more details on and click to open. If you use the browser, you can find the flight number just by hovering the mouse cursor over it.

    When clicking on one of the icons displayed on the map, a new screen with data about the flight should appear. O Flight Radar allows you to see details about the registration of the planes, altitudes, speeds and even estimated arrival at the destination.How to use Flight Radar to track flights in real time

In addition to searching by regions, it is also possible to find specific flights in the tool. See further below.

Searching for specific trips

O Flight Radar has a feature that allows you to search for the route just by informing the airline and the flight number.

This method works best for those who already have details about the plane they want to track, such as a family member or friend who is flying, for example.

  1. Open the website or app
  2. Select search tool
    The search bar is located in the upper right corner. Tap to open;
  3. Enter the flight number
    When placing the flight you want to find, tap on the options displayed by the website to track the trip;

With this, the tool will search for the flight and display in detail information such as speed, altitude and arrival forecast, in addition to the registration number of the aircraft.

Now that you know how to use the Flight Radar, the tool also allows you to search for airports and get to know airlines from all over the world. See how below!

Searching by airports and airlines

By selecting the option “Data/history” on the top bar of the site, the tool will open a search system that allows you to search for airports by countries. There, it is possible to know details of infrastructure and even evaluations of other passengers and pilots.

In addition, the Flight Radar it also has a database on airlines and their planes, including routes, images and information on the quality of the service provided.

The site is one of the most complete and serves as a basis for several studies on aviation, largely because of the large amount of statistics and information collected and distributed in the tool.

So, have you used the platform to track a flight in real time? What do you like most about the platform? Leave your comment on TB community.

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