How to use e-book managers

Whether for studying, spending time or working, e-books are increasingly present in our lives. Although some people prefer to stick with physical books, there’s no denying the convenience that digital ones offer us. It is possible to take them anywhere much easier and faster, in addition to the agility when searching for a specific phrase or word.

And to help even more those who decide to take advantage of these advantages, there are e-book managers. More than a private library, they can make work or studies easier, in addition to making everything even more dynamic.

If you have a lot of digital books, but are always getting lost to find a specific one, we have prepared this text, which will show you the main features of the most popular managers available today. It is worth noting that they all have an interface in Portuguese.

Caliber is probably the most popular digital book manager out there. In addition to making life easier for those who have a lot of e-books, it allows grouping them into different categories in a very organic way and also allows the use of tags. Another advantage of Caliber is that it accepts many different formats, ranging from the popular PDFs, to CBR or CBZ (comics).

But one of the main advantages of the manager is that it can convert various formats. It has such an interesting tool, which allows you to configure details such as appearance, margin defaults, page settings, table of contents creation, search and replacement terms, in addition to the output file. It is one of the most complete and simple programs for converting digital books, and it can only be used for this purpose.

Another feature available in Caliber is the integrated digital store. In addition to being able to add e-books that you already have on your computer, through the program it is possible to search by author, title or keyword, without having to access the stores’ websites. As it is not possible to add new stores, and only international sites are registered, this feature ends up being useful for those who have a certain command of English or other languages.

Source: Baixaki – Caliber


  • well-organized interface

  • Easy to use

  • variety of features


Another option with nice features is the Kobo manager. One of its main advantages is the synchronization with the Kobo device, which allows you to integrate reading with the computer, in addition to having an integrated store, allowing you to buy new books directly from the manager. However, Kobo’s official store is the only one available, and to be able to read the books you need to create an account.

On the other hand, it has some very interesting features, such as linking to your social media account and sharing some information about the books. You can also unlock achievements while reading, which acts as a stimulus to continue in the text, as well as keeping track of various statistics about the book.

It also has a series of features to facilitate the reading and marking of texts. And the main advantage is that they are arranged without disturbing or taking the focus, and the use of each of the tools is simple and very intuitive.

TheSource: Baixaki – Kobo


  • Easy to use

  • Many tools


If your goal is to have a manager only for PDFs, Adobe Digital Editions can be a good option. It’s quite simple—and even limited in some ways—but it should handle the needs of many users. Its differential is that it allows the creation of “digital shelves” to facilitate organization.

As for the tools, they are very basic, allowing you to make some markings on texts or pages. The interface is very intuitive, mainly for being a simpler manager. However, it doesn’t support most formats, which means that if you often buy books online, you’ll need to convert them to PDF if you choose Adobe Digital Editions.

TheSource: Baixaki – Adobe



Finally, a dedicated option for Amazon customers. Kindle for PC is basically a reader of the company’s books for your computer. That means you can use it to integrate your account with your Kindle device and with the smartphone and tablet app with your PC. It also allows you to access the store from it, however, it doesn’t have a store itself, it just redirects you to the Amazon website in your browser.

You can also count on an organization system, being a great option to have greater control of your books. And it’s worth noting that the latest version is PDF compatible, so you can use it to organize your books in this format too.

Otherwise, it is quite similar to the other options, with the possibility of creating tags or consulting a dictionary, for example. It also has almost all of Kindle’s text and page formatting settings, making it particularly suitable for those who are already a Kindle Unlimited subscriber, or those who buy a lot of ebooks on Amazon’s website.

TheSource: Baixaki – Amazon


  • Simplifies the Kindle Reading Process

  • Does not require the purchase of the device

  • Sync with Kindle device and smartphone app

  • Read PDFs


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