How to sell more on Consumer Day?

Consumer Day has gained more and more relevance in the national market, coming to be appointed as the “Black Friday of the first semester” due to promotions and discounts on the most varied items, mainly in online stores.

Celebrated on March 15 since 1983, the date was inspired by the speech of former President of the United States John Kennedy, delivered in 1962, in which he highlighted the achievements of consumers, such as the right to information, security and to be heard.

Due to the growth of the event, the commerce started to have an entire week of promotions, with the offers no longer being restricted to one day. It is a great opportunity for tenants to increase sales, especially over the internet, due to the restrictions caused by the pandemic.

Consumer Day promotions are successful among Internet users.Consumer Day promotions are successful among Internet users.Source: Pixabay

How to take advantage of the date to improve profits? Find out how to sell more on Consumer Day by checking out the following tips.

Prepare for the event

A survey by Social Miner in 2020 showed that the date is quite widespread in Brazil, being known by 64.1% of Internet users. Thus, investing in the promotion of promotions can help attract the portion of consumers who are still unaware of the event.

It is worth using tools such as WhatsApp, e-mail, social networks and SMS to inform the public that the date is approaching and your store will have exclusive actions during Consumer Week. It may even be interesting to invest in paid ads on Facebook and Instagram.

Announcing discounts is always a way to attract buyers.Announcing discounts is always a way to attract buyers.Source: Pixabay

If you want to attract a greater number of customers, it is necessary to think about the technology infrastructure of e-commerce, avoiding problems such as instability during peak access and difficulty in finalizing the purchase. Thus, it is possible to offer a positive experience to buyers, reducing the chances of giving up.

Preparing the stock to meet the increased demand in the period is another key point. In this regard, it is important to analyze the sales history at similar events to have a more realistic forecast and compatible with your needs.

Other tips to increase sales

See more tips for selling well in Consumer Week.

Discover market trends

Among the products you sell, the ones with the highest demand stand out in the offers to attract consumers.

Offer unmissable discounts

Low price is what everyone looks for on dates like this, so bet on good deals for products in trend, but without misleading buyers with false offers.

Distribute benefits

In addition to the reduced prices, other benefits help to attract buyers. Among them, it is worth mentioning free shipping, cashback (cash back), coupons and gifts, remembering that promotions must also be advantageous for the business.

Discounts must be attractive and real.Discounts must be attractive and real.Source: Pixabay

Have varied payment and delivery options

Many buyers prefer to pay by card, in cash or in installments, while others opt for bank transfer. There are still those who do not dispense with the old boleto. As for delivery, some have preferred to pick up the product at the store, rather than waiting for it to arrive at home.

Offering as many options as possible can benefit your store.

Build customer loyalty

Finally, don’t forget about after-sales. Conducting satisfaction surveys, facilitating exchanges and returns, depending on the case, are actions that improve the shopping experience and can guarantee the return of a satisfied customer.

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