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THE Spotify returned to show the letter gives music natively in the mobile application, from a new partnership with the Musixmatch service. Before, it was necessary to use a separate application and synchronize the streaming platform account. Now, natively, learn how to see the lyrics in Spotify, on Android, iPhone (iOS).

How to see the lyrics of Spotify on mobile

  1. When playing a song, touch the player to expand the details of the track being played;
  2. Drag the screen upwards to see the “Letters” section;
  3. Tap on the card to expand the lyrics and follow in real time with the music.

see spotify lyrics on mobile

Can you see the lyrics for Spotify on your computer?

We haven’t had access to the resource on the computer yet. The novelty is being released gradually to users in Latin America and Asia. It is likely that the lyrics will also reach the Spotify application for desktops, Windows or macOS, as there were also before. We will update this section when the information is available.

How was it done before?

THE Musixmatch is the company that had a partnership with Spotify to bring the lyrics to the music player until 2016. After the end of the partnership, users had to download the lyrics service application and synchronize with the Spotify account, but still, no it was very functional and used to have delays in sync with the music.

To use Musixmatch to see the lyrics

  1. Download and install Musixmatch on PC or Mac;
  2. You will need to create an account;
  3. Connect Spotify for the program to access the songs that are playing;
  4. If necessary, fill in the Spotify login information;
  5. Click Accept.

After that, the songs that play on Spotify will synchronize the lyrics on Musixmatch. The program also sends a notification for each song that starts and has lyrics available for the user to follow.

It is possible to leave a window containing the lyrics of the songs overlaid on all applications. To do this, just click on a window icon in the lower right corner, next to the lock.

spotify lyrics on musixmatch

How to see Spotify lyrics by Musixmatch on Android

  1. Download Musixmatch at Play Store;
  2. Upon entering the application, it will ask for registration, if you don’t have it, do it;
  3. The app will ask for permissions to display the letters on the screen, click Draw on Screen and then Allow authorization;
  4. Click on Music in Play and check the Musixmatch;
  5. Then it will be necessary to connect to the Spotify account so that the application has access to the songs that are being played;

On the cell phone, it is possible to see the translation of the letter at the same time that the original letter is transmitted. A feature available on Android is FloatingLyrics, which allows the lyrics to be visible anywhere, over apps, just as it is done on the computer; this feature is not available for iOS.

Spotify lyrics on Android

Now, an Android exclusivity is to see the letters on the lock screen:

  1. Tap the Home of the app;
  2. Touch Settings in the upper right corner;
  3. Access Lock Screen and activate the function.

spotify letters on the lock screen

How to see Spotify lyrics by Musixmatch on iPhone

  1. Download Musixmatch at App Store;
  2. When entering the application, register or login, if necessary;
  3. Tap Connect to Spotify, so that the app has access to the songs played by your Spotify account.

On iOS it is also possible to follow translations simultaneously with the original letter, but it is not possible to leave a floating window or the display of letters on the lock screen, due to Apple system restrictions. What you can do is install a widget in the Notification Center with the letters:

  1. Access the Notification Center;
  2. Scroll to the right to access the Today section;
  3. Scroll down the page and tap Edit;
  4. Touch the + sign next to Musixmatch.

spotify lyrics on iOS

Musixmatch is free, but contains ads within the app. The Premium version costs R $ 65 reais in the annual plan through the App Store, in addition to eliminating ads, it also allows you to follow letter by letter, customize fonts, save offline and optimize letters.

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