How to recover a YouTube account In 2023


We explain the steps to take to recover a YouTube account quickly and easily, whether you forget your login details or are facing a hack.

Since its launch in 2005, YouTube has not stopped growing and it is estimated that the number of users who use it amounts to more than 2,500 million. The popular video platform not only allows us to consume a wide range of multimedia content but also to create our channel so that other Internet users can see, follow and interact with us.

And while you can use it without signing up, you do need to sign in with a Google email account (i.e. Gmail) to upload videos, create custom playlists, subscribe to shared-interest channels, or leave comments. . What happens if a person forgets the login details? What if your account has been stolen? We explain the steps to follow to recover a YouTube account step by step. Is easier than it looks!

Recover a YouTube account if the login details are forgotten

The first step is to access As the email address is not remembered, you have to click on the option ‘Have you forgotten your email?’. A new window will then appear requesting the recovery telephone number or email address (if available) that was indicated at the time when registering the account that is trying to be restored.

Once this first step is completed, you are asked to also include the name and surname to which the same account you wish to recover was associated. This step is very important: with it, Google wants to make sure that we are the ones trying to log in. To obtain the verification code, which will arrive on the mobile phone after a few seconds, you have to click on the ‘Send’ button.

Once received and entered, a new page is displayed listing the YouTube account you want to recover. It would only be necessary to enter the password associated with that email account. If it were the case that it was not remembered either, the possibility of recovering it is also contemplated. You have to go to the option ‘Have you forgotten your password?’. Next, you are asked to enter the last password that you remember having used with that account and click on the ‘Next’ button. When doing so, a message appears on the mobile phone indicating whether we are trying to recover our account. We ‘say’ yes to creating the new password and save it. The YouTube account has already been recovered.

What to do in a hacking situation?

If a user who has a YouTube channel suddenly notices that videos that are not theirs have been uploaded, that someone has published material with their account that is completely unfamiliar to them, or that their profile photo has changed, someone else has likely told them. have hacked In this type of situation, to recover a YouTube account, you must also recover your Gmail account: to do this, you must follow the same steps that you would take if you forgot your login details.

Also, when resetting your password it is advisable to choose one that is as strong as possible. For example, personal information should be avoided as well as common words, patterns, and sequences like ‘1234’ or ‘abcd’. At a minimum, your extension must be 12 characters. Finally, and together with a strong password that should never be shared with other people, to protect a YouTube account against hackers it is suggested to activate two-step verification or two-factor authentication (which adds a layer of security), and set up and frequently review channel permissions.



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