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Recharging your Riocard Mais can be done through the application of the same name, available for smartphones with Android or iOS, and through the Recarga Mais website. After purchasing the credits, you need to validate the recharge — a step that can confuse some users. See, in the steps, how to recharge your card via app and website. Also know the accepted payment methods and how to validate the credits.

RioCard Mais Card (Image: Bruno Gall De Blasi/Tecnoblog)
RioCard Mais Card (Image: Bruno Gall De Blasi/Tecnoblog)

Time needed: 5 minutes.

Log in or register on the Riocard Mais app and follow the step-by-step instructions to recharge your card:

  1. Tap “balance and usage statement” or “recharge”:

    If you already have a card registered, select “balance and usage statement” and then tap on “recharge” on the desired card. You can also see information and increase the balance of another card, just add the route number and tap “enquire”;
    Reload your card (Image: Reproduction/Riocard Mais)

  2. Add the Riocard Mais recharge amount:

    According to the payment method and its respective minimum values, enter the recharge amount. Then tap “continue” twice;
    Choose the recharge amount (Image: Reproduction/Riocard Mais)

  3. Select the payment method:

    Check the box that corresponds to the chosen payment method, confirm your email address and tap on “finish order”;
    Select the payment method (Image: Reproduction/Riocard Mais)

  4. Follow the instructions for the chosen payment method:

    Complete with the necessary information and/or follow the instructions, according to the selected payment method. Generate the PIX code or the boleto, for example, and make the payment in your bank’s app.
    Make the payment (Image: Reproduction/Riocard Mais)

How to recharge Riocard Mais through the website

To top up using the “Recarga Mais” service, registration on the site is not required. That way, you can enter the card number and make the purchase of credits. It is worth noting that the service can be used by both individuals and legal entities, just enter the CPF/CNPJ.

In addition, more than one payment method is offered. The buyer can choose bank slip, bank transfer (only Itaú Shopline), account debit (Visa and MasterCard), PIX and Riocard Duo (purchasing function). The minimum amount is a modal fare in force in the city of Rio de Janeiro. Follow the steps:

  1. Access Recarga Mais, on the website;
  2. Click on “Add card”;
  3. Enter the card number, the name of the holder and the CPF/CNPJ;
  4. Enter the recharge amount and click on “include” and then on “next”;
  5. Confirm your e-mail, CPF or CNPJ and name or corporate name;
  6. Click on “I have read and agree to the terms of use and privacy policy”;
  7. Select “Complete order”;
  8. Choose the payment method, according to the amount entered, and complete the recharge.
Buy credits through the website (Image: Reproduction/Recarga Mais)
Buy ticket credits through the website (Image: Reproduction/Recarga Mais)

Minimum and maximum amounts for the purchase of credits

Form of payment Riocard More App Recharge More (website)
Ticket Minimum: a modal fare | Maximum: BRL 2,000.00 Minimum: a modal fare | Maximum: BRL 2,000.00;
Credit Card (Visa, Mastercard and Elo) Minimum: R$ 40.00 | Maximum (per card): BRL 200.00 ____
Debit card Santander, Banco do Brasil or Bradesco | Minimum: a modal fare | Maximum: BRL 300.00 Visa and Mastercard brands | Minimum: a modal fare | Maximum: BRL 300.00
PIX Minimum: R$ 40.00 | Maximum: BRL 2,000.00 Minimum: R$ 40.00 | Maximum: BRL 2,000.00

How to validate the Riocard Mais recharge?

Anyone who has a smartphone with an Android 9.0 operating system or higher and NFC technology can download the “Digital Card + Valida Mais” app from the Google Play Store. If this is your case, download the application and validate the recharge of physical cards. Just follow the instructions in the “Valida Mais” function.

People who have smartphones with the iOS operating system, even if the device has NFC, still cannot validate the recharge via the app. Therefore, the alternative is to go to a consultation terminal to complete the process. In addition, if the card is used frequently, the recharge can also be recognized in the validators of the most used means of transport in the last 30 days.

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