How to receive the 2022 Income Tax refund via Pix

The day has come when all taxpayers will need to settle accounts with the Lion. The delivery of the 2022 Income Tax declaration began on March 7th and will have a deadline on April 29th, a slightly shorter period than in previous years.

On the other hand, one of the great novelties that the Federal Revenue is offering in 2022 is the possibility of use or Pix to receive credit from income tax refund. This does not mean that payment will be more agile, but it will facilitate the process for taxpayers and reduce possible errors in filling in bank details.

Another novelty for 2022 is the possibility of using the instant payment method for the pagamento the MAY (Federal Revenue Collection Documents). Every year, businessmen and entrepreneurs in the market need to pay some taxes – such as PIS (Social Integration Program) and COFINS (Contribution for the Financing of Social Security) – and this new means should speed up the process.

How to receive the IR 2002 refund by Pix

The taxpayer must have a Pix key registered with his CPF number.Source: Agência Brasil

According to the Federal Revenue, in order to receive the amount of the 2022 Income Tax refund through Pix, you must have a key registered in the taxpayer’s CPF. For this operation, payment through random keys or registered by the person’s email or phone will not be allowed.

Therefore, if you want to receive the refund by Pix and facilitate the process of filling out your declaration, make sure that you have your CPF as a Pix key. If you don’t have it, all you need to do is access your bank account and create the key with your document number.

What changes for refund

The IRS believes that the adoption of payment via Pix will reduce the occurrence of errors.The IRS believes that the adoption of payment via Pix will reduce the occurrence of errors.Source: Agência Brasil

The IRS believes that the use of Pix to pay refunds will be a way to facilitate the process as a whole. After all, the adoption of the instant payment method will speed up the change of account to credit values, if there is such a need.

By using Pix, the institution also hopes to reduce the cases in which it is necessary to reschedule the transfer of amounts due to incorrect filling or invalid data. In short, it is much easier to remember the CPF and enter it correctly in the due field than to do the same with the bank account number.

However, the Federal Revenue, through the national supervisor of the Income Tax program, José Carlos da Fonseca, explained that the adoption of Pix as a way to receive the refund does not change the priority rules for receiving the amounts. The elderly, people with some type of disability or serious illness and teaching professionals continue to have priority in payments.

Five refund lots will be made available in 2022 on the following days:

  • may 31st
  • June 30
  • July 29
  • August, 31
  • September 30th

How to pay DARFs with Pix?

Starting this year, DARFs will come with a barcode and a QR code for payment through PixStarting this year, DARFs will come with a barcode and a QR code for payment through PixSource: Agência Brasil

When issuing a DARF, the document is always accompanied by a barcode that is used for payment. This year, the IRS will also include a QR code on the page that can be used to pay the tax using Pix.

All the taxpayer needs to do is access the bank’s app and choose the option to pay via Pix using the QR Code. After reading, just confirm the operation and the money will be instantly debited from your account and transferred to the IRS.

How to declare income tax?

And you, are you ready to file your 2022 income tax return? Check out how to perform the procedure through the smartphone in this tutorial. The declaration can also be done via computer.

If you work with Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, know that the IRS also created specific rules for this case. The addition of new options also generated changes in other codes.

Remembering that the deadline for the declaration of Personal Income Tax 2022 (base year 2021) started at 8 am on March 7 and is available until 11:59 pm on April 29.

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