How to put different backgrounds on Google Meet

Google Meet is one of the most popular video calling services on the market, since it was made the standard by many people who conference online during the pandemic in the form of meetings, classes or casual get-togethers with friends.

Over the past few months, Google has greatly improved the platform with the arrival of a new design and the addition of much-requested features by the community. One of these new features is the possibility to change the screen background. That way, you can go far beyond the traditional look of your bedroom or office, either with pre-configured themes or images saved on your computer.

This can be done either before entering a call or with the call already in progress — the path is the same for all cases. Want to know how to change yours? Then follow the step by step below and choose one of the three possibilities that Google Meet offers on your computer.

1. Blurred background

One of the possibilities for a custom background is to use a blurred effect on the screen, which blurs all the elements of the webcam except the person in the foreground.

This is important to add an extra layer of privacy, especially if you live with more people or don’t want to show elements of your home.

To activate it, tap the options icon in the lower right corner of the screen (with the three dots vertically) and go to “Change background”.

The option to change the background on Google Meet.Source:  TecMundo

Once that’s done, choose one of two options: the button that partially blurs the elements of the scene or that blurs as much as possible. Try both modes to decide which one brings the best result for your videoconference.

The blurred background option blurs the background elements.The blurred background option blurs the background elements.Source:  TecMundo

Once the selection is made, just tap the “X” icon to close the settings and return to the call.

2. Ready themes

The second possibility is to put a fully customized background that also hides your room, made up of a pattern of shapes and colors provided by Google itself.

The path is the same as the previous option. However, in the background selection screen, you can choose one from several ready-made figures.

Just click once on the background to activate it.Just click once on the background to activate it.Source:  TecMundo

There are several possibilities, from a standardized office to a beach, passing through several alternatives that appeal to all tastes.

Some of the funds made available by Google.Some of the funds made available by Google.Source:  Google

Note that depending on the height of the chair you are using, it is possible that a piece of it still “escapes” from the clipping effect and appears in the callout.

3. Any image from your computer

None of the ready-made options pleased you? No problem: Google also allows you to add any image to serve as a background in calls.

Selecting a custom background for the conversation.Selecting a custom background for the conversation.Source:  TecMundo

To do this, open the screen for changing a new background and click on the icon with the plus sign (the “+”). Then find the location of the image you want to use.

You can use images from your gallery or search for famous backgrounds like the You can use images from your gallery or search for famous backgrounds like the “The Simpsons” room.Source:  TecMundo

If you don’t like a selected image or want to remove it from the catalog, just move your cursor over it and select the trash can icon.

Activated backgrounds and those defaulted by Google cannot be removed.

The option to remove a user-added background image.The option to remove a user-added background image.Source:  TecMundo

Remember that these three options can slow down the device and should be turned off if your internet is slow or unstable.

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