How to put background image and blur in Zoom?

Zoom is one of the most used applications around the world for conducting videoconferences and virtual meetings. With the pandemic, many companies had to resort to the home office, and the application, in turn, became common in the job market. However, few people know that it has a number of functions to customize its broadcasts.

Today, TecMundo teaches you how to blur the background of an environment transmitted by the webcam, apply filters and effects in your transmission, and even use an image or video of your choice to use as a background. Check out.

How to blur the background of the image?

To avoid exposing your workplace or environment in which you are conducting a videoconference, Zoom has an option to blur the background of the image being captured by the webcam. Check it out below.

1. Open the Zoom application on your PC.

2. Click on the gear icon to be taken to the app’s settings screen.

Look for the gear symbol in the upper right corner.Source:  Diego Borges / Reproduction

3. Then select the “Background & Filters” option.

The option The “Background & Filters” option has a number of features for streaming your webcam.Source:  Diego Borges / Reproduction

4. A screen will appear with your webcam image. Check the button marked “Blur” (as shown in the figure below), and the background of the image will be blurred automatically.

After checking the button After checking the “Blur” button, the background of your image transmitted on the webcam will be blurred.Source:  Diego Borges / Reproduction

5. Okay, now your webcam is configured and, by the time the transmission starts, the effect will be working.

How to use Zoom filters and images?

Zoom has also embraced the fad that started with apps like Snapchat and Instagram, introducing a series of filters for its broadcasts. They range from props for those who appear on webcam to elements that make videos more fun. Check how to use them.

1. Open the Zoom app on Windows.

2. Scroll to the gear symbol to access the “Settings” menu.

 Diego Borges / Reproduction

3. Click on the “Background & Filters” option.

The option The “Background & Filters” option has a number of features for streaming your webcam.Source:  Diego Borges / Reproduction

4. Now select the “Video Filters” tab.

Select the option Select the “Video Filters” option to view all native Zoom filters.Source:  Diego Borges / Reproduction

5. The next screen will show a series of effects, some to be used in the background image and others for whoever appears on the webcam, because they are props, such as hats, glasses, etc. Select what you want to use.

Choose the desired filter and it will be saved to be used in all transmissionsChoose the desired filter and it will be saved to be used in all transmissions.Source:  Diego Borges / Reproduction

6. Okay, now every time you open your webcam the effect will automatically come on. Just be careful not to use it in a business or more formal meeting.

How to put a background image or video?

In addition to the application’s native filters and images, Zoom also allows you to use a specific image or video to use as a background in your broadcast.

However, it is important to remember that, to create this effect, you need to be using a Chroma Key or the front of any wall or cloth of a single color, which has good lighting so as not to create too high contrast. Besides, of course, not using clothes that have the same shade as the background you are using.

Learn how to import and use the background in Zoom.

1. Open no Zoom on your Windows.

2. Then click on the gear symbol and access the “Settings” menu.

The Settings menu is at the top top rightThe Settings menu is at the top top rightSource:  Diego Borges / Reproduction

3. Now go to “Background & Filters”.

In In “Background & Filters”, you can set backgrounds for your image in Zoom.Source:  Diego Borges / Reproduction

4. On the screen opposite, click on the “+” symbol.

Clicking on the symbol of By clicking on the “+” symbol, you have the option to choose an image or a video to use as the background of your broadcast.Source:  Diego Borges / Reproduction

5. Then choose the first option, if you want to insert a background photo, or the second, if you are going to use a video as a background.

6. Browse your computer for the file and select it.

7. Wait until the program loads and that’s it, you can use the photo or video as the background in your transmissions.

After configuring the image, on all transmissions it will be loaded automaticallyAfter configuring the image, in every transmission it will be loaded automatically.Source:  Diego Borges / Reproduction

Did you like this tip from TecMundo? Now, it will be much easier to change the background of your video call in Zoom.

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