How to prepare well?

Black Friday is an American tradition linked to Thanksgiving, making the 4th Friday in November a day of big promotions and during which many sales are made especially in the high-tech sector. This year in France, the date of Black Friday is Friday November 27, 2020 and below, discover our file to help you prepare well and find the best Black Friday 2020 deals on tech (telephony, computers, video games, television, etc.) in order to make pretty Christmas gifts for less.

What is Black Friday?

Black Friday is a commercial event that originated in the United States in 1960 and takes place on the last Friday of November, the day after the famous Thanksgiving holiday, which has the word-for-word meaning “thank you.” ‘have given “. Basically religious, this holiday is an opportunity for American citizens to thank God with prayers and other celebrations for all that he has given them throughout the year.

On this day, traders are offering very attractive discounts on a wide range of products. The phenomenon crossed the Atlantic to arrive in France in 2010, carried by the American e-commerce giant Amazon. Basically, Black Friday in France was only present on the internet, but over the years, it has become more democratic to also arrive in physical stores.

Although promotions and discounts are less attractive in France compared to the United States, there are good deals not to be missed and which will allow you to make superb Christmas gifts without spending too much.

When is Black Friday 2020 held in France?

Normally Black Friday only lasts one day, but for some time now it has extended into weekends (Saturday and Sunday) and then replaced by Cyber ​​Monday, which is held on the Monday after Thanksgiving. In short, if you have Christmas gifts that are expensive to buy, then maybe it is during these 4 days that you can find them at the best price.

However, you should know that some online brands will offer offers well before, like Amazon which should offer promotions almost a month in advance of the event.

How to prepare well for Black Friday 2020?

So as not to miss out on the product you want to acquire, it is advisable, like every year, to prepare yourself well for the good Black Friday plans. For that, here is a small practical guide to be sure to find the best promotions.

  • 1. Set a budget that should not be exceeded : Try to limit yourself to the products that you really need. Why buy a product on D-Day that will “catch your eye with its low price” and then end up at the bottom of a drawer. This is called a “compulsive buying” which won’t really save you money.
  • 2. Make your list of desired products according to your budget : Establish it as soon as possible.
  • 3. Check the prices, compare them and follow them : When you set your mind to making your list, write down and follow the prices of the products you want to buy and don’t limit yourself to just one store for the comparison. Try to find regularly until the D-day the one (s) offering the best prices.
  • 4. D-day : Watch out for discounts offered by stores on the products you want. By the way, if you’ve noted and followed the prices well in advance of Back Friday, then you will know if it’s a good deal or not. However, you have to be careful because you should know that some online stores do not hesitate to increase the prices of certain products before Black Friday in order to then make style to grant a significant discount that day, thus deceiving the consumer thinking of making a good deal.
  • 5. Follow our tips : On this subject, we will list below, the best tips according to the shops and / or categories that we find. Perhaps one or more of your products will be there, but in this case, you will have to stay connected and not delay to take advantage of it because usually the best products on sale sell out quickly.

Which brands have the best Black Friday deals?

In high-tech, there are a few shops that stand out for their promotions. Below, we have made a small list for you and for each one, we will set up a dedicated article in which you will find their best tips.

How to find the best high-tech Black Friday deals 2020

In this part below, as we discover, we will list the best products and / or services that will be offered at good prices before but also during the day of Black Friday.

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