How to prepare to work permanently at home office

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, many people had to adapt to the home office model. Different professionals were forced to change their way of dealing with work, often having to share space with other people in the house and having to use the same environments for leisure and professional commitments.

However, adaptation is not always easy and in some cases it can even be traumatic, leading to a drop in productivity. Even though it is not always possible to adapt 100% to the new format, there are a number of tips that can help you.

Below, we will present some of them, in case you are still having difficulty dealing with remote work.

Establish a morning routine

Know the time to start work and know how to start your day.Source: Unsplash

Some people tend to think that routines are boring and should be avoided. But the truth is that they help us to have some control over ourselves and are important for our personal development. So it is important that to start the home office you establish a morning routine.

Just like when you work outside the home, you should know what time you need to wake up, to have time to do your morning activities with peace of mind. Going to the bathroom, drinking coffee, reading something or watching the newspaper can help you control that time before you start working and make you more focused afterwards.

Don’t work in pajamas

It may seem silly at first, but changing clothes before starting work can help you concentrate. You do not need to wear your most formal clothes, or a specific uniform, but you will be conditioning yourself out of your comfort zone and this is important. It is as if you are remembering that at that moment you are working and not resting.

Set your times and schedule for the day

If in face-to-face work you have an agenda and schedules to follow, why would it be any different in the home office? Find out what your activities are for the morning and what will be for the afternoon – or night and dawn, depending on your profile. This makes it easier for you to know if you are taking care of everything you have to do, or if you need to rethink your strategies.

Also, do you know that coffee in the middle of the day that helps you deal with the rest of the work? This should also continue at home. Set your alarm clock for those moments. Stretching your legs and moving around a bit can also help.

Have a place to work

Working in bed is usually not a good idea.Working in bed is usually not a good idea.Source: Unsplash

Working on the bed, sofa or kitchen counter is never a good idea. If you have a space that you can transform into an office, the best option is to use it this way. With this, you can avoid distractions and be more careful with your schedules, making it easier to adapt to new routines.

Put screen restrictions on your phone and limit access to social networks

You will hardly be able to work without your cell phone nearby. In fact, it is very likely that at some point you will need to use your cell phone at work. So it is extremely important that you avoid distractions from applications that are not used to work. Through the settings, you can block notifications from them or even prevent access during certain times.

In addition, blocking access to social networks on your computer if they are not useful for your work is also a good idea. It is very easy to enter Facebook or Twitter believing that you will only check if any notification has arrived, and get lost in the timeline. Take advantage of the scheduled times for a coffee to access social networks.

Music can help you

For many people, having background music can help you focus better, and it can vary from person to person. Some may prefer focus playlists, others may choose a specific genre or favorite band. And of course, there are those who prefer to be without music. What matters is that you enjoy being at home and use all the tools available.

Warn people who live with you

The division of housework is essential to maintain productivity in the home office.The division of housework is essential to maintain productivity in the home office.Source: Unsplash

One problem that came up for many people was having to share their place with other people for work. It is important that the people who live with you know your schedule and that housework is well divided. Taking care of children, preparing lunch or cleaning the house, these activities need to be shared so as not to burden or harm anyone.

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