How to play League of Legends: Wild Rift on mobile

League of Legends: Wild Rift It has been available for both iOS and Android for a few weeks now, attracting the attention not only of long-time fans of the game, but also those who intend to make the screen version their first experience with the world of MOBAs.

If this is your case, below are some tips that can help you not get lost in combat – always remember that your skill will not only depend on them, but also on training, teamwork and, of course, sometimes a little luck.

How to play League of Legends: Wild Rift on mobile

1. Meet the characters

Wild Rift, just like in League of Legends for PC, bet on the confrontation between teams formed by five people and in which each one plays a role. Some are more focused on taking a lot of damage (the famous “tank”), there are others specific to promote support and those more specialized in causing damage to opponents, just to name a few examples.

(Source: Riot Games / Disclosure)(Source: Riot Games / Disclosure)Source: Riot Games

With more than 50 characters available, the ideal is to see which ones best suit your playing style, since they have varying abilities. Certainly at some point you will find those that offer the combination you want, and then just observe the formation of the team and choose the one that best fits the needs of the match.

2. Learn the routes of the game

In addition to knowing the characters, it is also essential to understand and memorize how each of the five routes in the game. They are: Solo, Jungle, Middle Route, Support and Double.

See below the peculiarities of each one of them:

  • Ground: area indicated for characters capable of absorbing more damage before dying (the famous “tanks”);
  • Jungle: the Jungle is perfect for hunting champions able to move with more versatility, helping to catch enemies off guard with their skills;
  • Middle Route: this is indicated for users of magic techniques, considering that there are great opportunities to level up and improve the character so that it becomes the biggest damage cause of the team;
  • Support: the Support route is perfect for members of this category, as they are most effective in healing or even delaying the advance of enemies;
  • Pair: finally, the Duo is for the sniping champions, who are fast and do high damage individually (in addition to being the most suitable point to hurt opponents).

(Source: League of Legends / Reproduction)(Source: League of Legends / Reproduction)Source: League of Legends

3. Know the elements and resources of the map

In addition to the routes, a good player must also know everything that the game map is capable of offering. So, keep an eye on the Minions (simple units that appear on the map for you to eliminate and receive coins and experience), the healing tree that appears on the routes (it drops an item that regenerates a little of the character’s life), towers and Nexus – this being the key to victory, as your team is only considered champion if it is knocked down.

Another important detail is the collection of coins, as they ensure that you have the resources to buy the best equipment for your champion and other important items to survive the battles.

4. Take all the tutorials

As with many online games, League of Legends: Wild Rift it also has some tutorials responsible for giving an idea not only of the game’s controls, but also showing some of the possible strategies that you can use in matches.

In addition to this knowledge, completing the tutorials guarantees the choice of an initial champion and also a certain amount of blue essence (which serves to enable even more characters on your selection screen). Therefore, complete them all to be even more prepared for your journey towards the opposing Nexus.

So, did you like our tips? We still have some more content related to the game that can be very useful on your journey, such as our impressions about the game and even a graphic comparison between the version for mobile devices and the one that has been available for some time for computers.

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