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THE multiplayer Elden Ring allows players to invade other people’s worlds at any time to help them Where kill them, earning rewards in both cases. To do this, just be connected to the internet and use specific items depending on your goal. In the following lines, we show you how to play multiplayer from Elden Ringas well as the limitations of the online mode.

Elden Ring publicity image
Elden Ring (Image: Handout/Bandai Namco)

First of all, it is worth mentioning that the multiplayer of Elden Ring on PlayStation and Xbox consoles requires active subscriptions PS Plus and Live Gold, respectively. FromSoftware’s game does not support crossplayso it is not possible to invade the world of people on platforms other than yours.

In addition, you must activate Summoning Signals in the settings and join an online session when starting the game. If you want to invade worlds of specific people, like friends, you can set a password in the “Multiplayer” section of the game menu. The password allows quick pairing between players who have the same code.

Now that you know the initial details, let’s get down to business:

Cooperation: How to Summon Players

Summoning partner for cooperation in Elden Ring
Invoking partner for cooperation in Elden Ring (Image: Murilo Tunholi/Tecnoblog)

Required items:

  • Curled Summoner Finger Remedy
    • Where to find: in the production of items, from two Flowers of Fallen Leaf; buying from merchants; at various points across the Midlands.

If you’re having trouble defeating a boss in Elden Ring, you can summon random people or ask for help from specific friends who have the same multiplayer password. In either case, you will need a consumable item — the Curled Summoner Finger Remedy.

When using a unit of the item, you will see golden signs appearing on the ground at random locations and near Summoning Stones. To summon someone, just stand on the symbol and press the button indicated on the screen. If the invocation works, the clock will be spent, and the person will appear in your world.

If the process fails, wait for another golden mark to appear automatically and try the invocation again. The used unit of Curled Summoner Finger Remedy active until you rest in a Place of Graceso it is not necessary to spend more than one item.

It’s worth mentioning that while in multiplayer, enemies get stronger. All players present receive runes by defeating monsters and bosses, but only the session owner can acquire the equipment left by them. After completing an objective, the summoned helper is removed from the session.

Cooperation: how to be summoned by players

necessary items:

  • Curled Finger of the Maculate
    • Where to find: Drifting Cemetery, right after passing the large wooden door and the Place of Grace.
  • Small Golden Effigy
    • Where to find: Limgrave, west of the Place of Grace “The First Step”.

Not multiplayer from Elden Ring, you can offer help to random people and friends. So, instead of summoning individuals in your session, you will enter the world of other players. It is worth mentioning that you will suffer reduction in stats and number of healing vials to keep the fights balanced.

To be summoned into someone else’s world, you will need to leave the golden sign on the map using the items Curled Finger of the Maculate Where Small Golden Effigy. Despite having identical functions, the items differ in the location where the markup is placed.

THE Curled Finger of the Maculate allows you to place the golden sign under your character. Thus, the player who wants to summon you will have to go to the specific location of the marking. Already when using the Small Golden Effigythe golden signal is left near the Summoning Stones closer.

PvP: how to invade the world of players

Summoning invader for competition in Elden Ring
Summoning invader for competition at Elden Ring (Image: Murilo Tunholi/Tecnoblog)

necessary items:

  • Nonconformist Finger
    • Where to find: on the table in the locked room in the Volcanic Mansion;
  • Fetid Bloody Finger
    • Where to find: shopping at merchants and Patches; at various points across the Midlands.
  • bloody finger
    • Where to find: completing Verré of the White Mask’s quest, after defeating Godrick the Grafted, and visiting the Table of Lost Grace for the first time.

To invade someone’s world in PvP (player vs player)you must have one of these three items in your inventory: Nonconformist Finger, Fetid Bloody Finger Where bloody finger. They all have the same function and allow you to join other players’ sessions when used, but there are some differences between them.

When using the Nonconformist Finger, you invade someone else’s world with the title “Nonconformist” next to their name, and your character turns yellow. This item can be acquired even before defeating Godrick the Grafted to face players being level one.

Meanwhile, the Fetid Bloody Finger is an item consumable and limited that doesn’t change the tainted’s name, but turns their eyes red when invading another player’s world. already the bloody finger works identically to the Fetid version, but has unlimited uses.

With one of the three items in your inventory, just use it and wait for the pairing. When the invasion happens, you will be teleported to the session of a random player who has a summoned helper. Your quest will be to kill the Host of Fingers — the owner of the session — to earn Runes, Rune Bows, and Coiled Summoner Finger Remedies.

PvP: how to summon players

necessary items:

  • Curled Summoner Finger Remedy
    • Where to find: in the production of items, from two Flowers of Fallen Leaf; buying from merchants; at various points across the Midlands.
  • Provocator’s Tongue
    • Where to find: defeating Frenzied Tongue Alberich in a raid on the Table of Lost Grace.

In Elden Ring, you can summon people for competition in two ways: by Summoning Signals or by forced invasions. If you want to face someone in PvP in a controlled way, just use a Coiled Summoner Finger Remedywait until red signs appear on the ground and activate them.

To force an invasion at any time, you need to have in your inventory the Provocator’s Tongue. When using the language after activating a Curled Summoner Finger Remedyyou allow random invaders to enter your world without your permission.

PvP: how to be summoned by players

necessary items:

  • Duelist’s Coiled Finger
    • Where to find: Limgrave, north of the Warmaster’s Hut, on a burned corpse next to the Frustrated Spirit.
  • Small Red Effigy
    • Where to find: Limgrave, north of the Warmaster’s Hut, on a burned corpse next to the Frustrated Spirit.

As with co-op, you can also offer to be summoned by other players for competition. The process is similar and requires one of two items: Duelist’s Coiled Finger Where Small Red Effigy. These items allow you to place red signals of invasion across the map.

The difference between the two items is the location of the signal. THE Duelist’s Coiled Finger allows placing the mark on the your character’s feet, anywhere on the map. Meanwhile, the Small Red Effigy spawn PvP points near the Summoning Stones closer.

Limitations of Elden Ring multiplayer

Despite being an open world game, Elden Ring there are many limitations in multiplayer mode. Check out, below, everything you can and can’t do when invading someone else’s world, whether to cooperate or PvP:

It’s allowed:

  • Summon up to two people for cooperation at the same time;
  • Invade or be invaded by up to two people at the same time;
  • Face bosses in rooms and in the open world;
  • Collect materials;
  • Exchange weapons, armor, consumable runes, non-quest consumable items, crafting materials, War Ashes, talismans;
  • Write messages to other players.

Not allowed:

  • Summon people in areas where the boss has already been defeated;
  • Summon or enchanted steed Torrent;
  • Summon Ashes of Spirits;
  • Rest on points of grace;
  • Make quick trips between Free Points;
  • Visit the Table of Lost Grace;
  • Exchange quest items, Great Runes, Golden Seeds, Holy Tears, Souvenirs, Rune Bows, Crystal Tears, Pots, Upgrade Materials (Forge Stones and Lilies of the Valley), Spells and Enchantments;
  • Summon three or more people for cooperation;
  • Invade or be invaded by more than two people;
  • Play with people on different platforms (crossplay).

With information: Elden Ring Wiki.

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