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Really, Dota 2 is not a simple game. Despite being a MOBA, it was the first to be created, it has such a complex structure that it requires a lot of dedication from the “brave”. See below, how to play dota 2, some basic tips for the player to start their journey through the game with the highest professional awards and the most passionate community.

How to play Dota 2 (Image: Valve/Disclosure)

What is Dota 2?

Dota 2 is a game online multiplayer where the user joins four teammates by choosing different heroes from a list, throughout each match, they gradually grow in strength and power until they are strong enough to take down the icon of the enemy base.

The game is not limited by any part, any hero from the huge board can be chosen, all items are released for purchase, giving greater strategic freedom. But don’t confuse this with ease of play, the game it’s as complex as the rumors say.

Dota 2 Minimum Requirements

To run Dota 2 you don’t need a lot of equipment, but it is highly recommended to stay above the minimum to have a good experience.

Settings Minimum
Operational system Windows 7 or later
Processor Dual core from Intel or AMD with 2.8 GHz
Video card NVIDIA GeForce 8600/9600GT, ATI/AMD Radeon HD2600/3600
DirectX Version 9.0c

1. Offlane and Safelane

As with all MOBA games, the map is divided into three lanes – Top, Mid and Botton. The area between the lanes contains campsites for creeps neutrals and is known as Jungle. Each team has three turrets marking its side of each lane, which automatically attack creeps and enemy heroes within a certain radius.

Teammates will refer to Top, Mid, and Botton tracks often, but will also use the terms offline and safelane.

The map Endowment 2 is divided into two sides, radiant and direct. radiant is on the left and is an idyllic and verdant paradise. On the right you will find the lands direct on the top right side of the map, all covered in bugs and stuff.

The top lane is the radiant offlane and the Dire safelane, and the bottom is the Radiant safelane and the direct offlane. This is because the map is not symmetrical. O safelane is, safer, because your team’s tier one tower is closer to where the creeps meet. O offline it’s the opposite – the creeps are closest to the enemy’s level one tower.

Understanding the map is the first step (Image: Leandro Kovacs/Reproduction)

2. Field of view

When trying to understand the map, it’s important to note that you can’t really see what’s happening everywhere – only where you have a vision. Everything else is covered in the fog of war.

The view is also blocked by trees and the player cannot see over the hills. Vision is shared between allies and can be provided by many things, including friendly creatures, heroes, buildings, courier and wards of observation.

put the wards on the map is a crucial part of the game as it provides vital information for the team. The minimap in the lower left corner is a handy way to see at a glance which enemy heroes you have the vision and which ones are missing from the map, which is not good.

The wards allow visibility in the field and map (Image: Leandro Kovacs/Reproduction)

3. Goals first, eliminations later

The PvP aspect is perhaps one of the most important things and what makes Endowment 2 such a fun game, but it can also be one of the most frustrating aspects at the same time. It’s great when you’re fighting enemy heroes and you get a lot kills and you feel that you are beating them.

Unfortunately, a game of Endowment 2 ends when the enemy base is destroyed and not when a certain amount of kills. Between the heroes and the base, there are several towers that need to be taken down first.

Treat kills as opportunities to do structural damage to enemy buildings, rather than getting more gold. Veteran and professional players say that focusing on goals is one of the most important things in the game. Each time a tower is destroyed, the enemies’ map control becomes less and less, thus limiting the number of resources they can acquire. Dota 2 is a resource game.

Attacking and defending towers is the priority (Image: Leandro Kovacs/Reproduction)

4. Everything in Dota 2 is a resource

At the start of games, almost all heroes on the map are very weak and can’t do much. Even avoid a beating of the creeps gives lane and maintaining a position against enemy towers is definitely difficult.

Therefore, the main objective will be to obtain as much resources as possible so that you can become strong and then overcome the enemy. Endowment 2 it’s a game of resources, definitely. It’s quick for new players to understand that the game becomes easier to play when you have more gold and levels than the enemy.

However, veteran players often use everything in the game as a resource, even their own hit points. Constantly watching the enemy’s inventory, you can always decide if you want to do kill trade, especially in the phase of lanes.

If the enemy is out of regeneration, investing 110 gold in a balm and dealing damage can put him in a position where he will no longer be able to get close without the threat of death.

Good investment of resources can save your life (Image: Leandro Kovacs/Reproduction)

These are some initial tips for playing Endowment 2, but don’t get excited, although all the tips are very important, this list isn’t even close to what you need to understand to be an “average” player of Endowment 2. The game will require a lot more study and dedication to get good results. Good luck.

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