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Final Fantasy 14 is Square Enix’s MMORPG played by millions of people around the world. The game offers a free trial period that allows you to play freely up to level 60. After that, however, you need to pay a monthly subscription to continue accessing the servers. In the following lines, we teach you how to pay the monthly fee for Final Fantasy 14 cheaper by Steam.

Final Fantasy 14 Online (Image: Disclosure/Square Enix)
Final Fantasy 14 Online (Image: Disclosure/Square Enix)

the signature of Final Fantasy 14 is charged in dollars, with no direct purchase option in reais. Therefore, many Brazilian players end up giving up paying the monthly fee as soon as they reach level 60. There is, however, a “trick” to buy game time on PC, PS4 and PS5 for a more friendly price.

At the original price in dollars, the 30-day game time subscription for Final Fantasy 14 starts at $12.99 — equivalent to BRL 73.86 in direct conversion to the current quote. Through Steam, you can pay this same monthly fee for prices starting at R$ 28.99. Let’s go step by step:

Hair web browser

Necessary time: 5 minutes.

  1. Visit the MogStation website:

    Log in with your Square Enix service account (the same one used to log into Final Fantasy 14);Accessing the MogStation website

  2. Make sure you are on the right account:

    Before proceeding, make sure your account has the licenses for Final Fantasy 14 registered. To do this, just select one of the profiles in the “Service Account Dashboard” at the top of the site, scroll down and check the activated platforms;Verifying Square Enix Service Account

  3. Renew the monthly fee using Steam:

    On the MogStation home page, go to the “Subscription Renewal” section and click on “Steam Payment”;Selecting Final Fantasy 14 Monthly Payment Through Steam

  4. Choose your subscription type:

    Final Fantasy 14 there are two types of subscription: the cheapest — Entry — which allows you to create only one character per server, or the more expensive — Standard — which lets you make up to eight avatars per world;Choosing the Final Fantasy 14 Subscription Type

  5. Select the amount of playing time:

    The Entry subscription, being more basic and cheaper, only allows monthly payment. In the Standard monthly fee, you can choose 30, 90 or 180 day plans;Selecting Final Fantasy 14 Play Time

  6. Use o pagamento “Steam Account (Auto Renewal)”:

    Here is the cat’s jump. To pay less on the monthly fee, you need to pay through Steam using the auto-renew method. If you choose the “Steam Wallet (One-Time Payment) mode, the subscription will be more expensive;Choosing Your Final Fantasy 14 Monthly Payment Method

  7. Accept the terms of use:

    Check the box confirming that you have read the Square Enix terms of use and continue;Completing Final Fantasy 14 Subscription Purchase

  8. Continue your purchase via the Steam website:

    After selecting your game time and payment method, continue your transition through the Steam website. Simply login with the platform username and password to proceed;Paying Final Fantasy 14 tuition through Steam

  9. Pay the monthly fee:

    The purchase must be completed with funds from the platform wallet. If you don’t have any money saved, you can authorize the transaction anyway, as the store will ask you to include the necessary amount using one of the Steam payment methods, which can be credit card, bank slip, Pix, Pagseguro, among others;Completing the Final Fantasy 14 monthly purchase via Steam

  10. Checkout:

    After choosing the payment method, just complete the purchase and access Final Fantasy 14;

  11. Cancel automatic renewal (optional):

    When paying the monthly fee of Final Fantasy 14 by the way we teach, Steam enables automatic subscription renewal. When game time is up, the store will attempt to make the same transaction using funds from the wallet or the default payment method registered on the account;

  12. Access your Steam profile:

    On the client or on the Steam website, access the account settings page by clicking on your avatar, in the upper right corner of the screen, and on “Account Details”;Accessing the Steam Profile

  13. Open the subscription manager:

    In the section “History in store and purchases”, click on the option “Manage subscriptions”;Managing Steam Subscriptions

  14. edit the signature of Final Fantasy 14:

    In the part of pre-authorized debts, find the signature of Final Fantasy 14 and click on “Edit”;Editing Final Fantasy 14 Signature on Steam

  15. Discontinue renewal:

    Now, just select the option “Discontinue pre-authorized debit” and click on “Apply” to cancel the automatic renewal.Canceling the automatic renewal of Final Fantasy 14 subscription on Steam

Subscription prices of Final Fantasy 14

To help you choose the ideal subscription for Final Fantasy 14, we leave here the prices in reais charged by Steam for each plan. These values ​​only take into account the option of payment by the Steam wallet in automatic renewal. Check it out below:

Entry (1 character per world)

Standard (8 characters per world)

  • 30 days: R$ 32,99;
  • 90 days: R$ 92,97;
  • 180 days: R$ 173,94.

Steam also pays PlayStation monthly

It is worth explaining that the playing time of Final Fantasy 14 is associated with the MogStation account, not the platform the game is installed on. That is, even if you play on PS4 or PS5, you can also use this trick to pay the cheapest monthly fee through Steam.

The only requirement to do this is to have purchased at least the most basic version of the MMORPG on Steam and to register the licenses for Final Fantasy 14 from PS4 or PS5 on the same Service Account as Square Enix on MogStation.

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