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99Pay is 99’s digital wallet that was created to make life easier for its users. In addition to paying for your races made by the app itself, you can use the service to escape from bank and lottery lines when paying off your bills. See below how to pay a boleto through WhatsApp using 99Pay.

WhatsApp app on mobile. (Image: Mourizal Zativa/Unsplash)

The process is very simple and you just need to be registered at 99Pay and have at least R$ 10 in the digital wallet — the balance can be loaded directly into the app.

  1. Go to “New contact” on WhatsApp

    Open the messenger, click on the list icon at the bottom of the screen, then click “New contact”;Path to add a contact on WhatsApp

  2. Add 99Pay Official Contact

    Enter the number (61) 3550-8938, fill in other information like name the storage location and save the contact;Arrow indicating button

  3. Send “Menu” to the virtual assistant

    Go to contacts, look for the newly added number and tap it; type it “Menu” in the message field and click the icon on the right side to send the text;How to send the text message to WhatsApp

  4. Accept the terms and conditions to continue

    To use the Services, you will be required to accept the terms and conditions of the service; to do this, tap “I accept” at the end of the automatic message;Arrow indicating the accept button in the conversation with 99Pay

  5. Select “Pay slips”

    Click on “View Menu”, then on “Pay boletos” and tap on “Send”;How to select

  6. Enter the barcode of the bank slip or send the PDF or photo of the file

    To pay a bank slip on WhatsApp, enter the barcode in the message field and then tap “Send”; if you prefer to share the file itself, tap the clip icon (for PDF) or camera (for photo), select the boleto and share it in the message;Conversation with barcode of the payment slip that will be paid and the PDF file

  7. confirm transaction

    You will receive a review message of your order with the barcode, amount and payment method; if all information is correct, click “Confirm”.Arrow indicating button

Can I pay slips with a credit card?

For transactions made by WhatsApp, the balance is directly deducted from your digital wallet. However, it is possible to use a credit card for payment through the 99Pay application itself.

How are transactions secured?

The solution is the result of a partnership between Didi Chuxing’s innovation laboratory (owner of 99) and Facebook. Thus, all operations carried out within WhatsApp by 99Pay rely on several layers of security from both companies, in addition to the use of encryption in messages to reinforce user protection.

What is the limit for payments?

99Pay offers two types of limits — for those who have a verified card on the platform and for those who do not. In the case of the first group, the monthly payment limit is BRL 4 thousand for utility bills (electricity, water, gas, etc.) and R$ 2 thousand for general bills, like those generated in online purchases. If you don’t have any verified cards in the app, the limits change to R$800, both for useful accounts and general purchases. For limits on other digital wallet transactions, visit 99Pay’s help page.

Why register a credit card with 99Pay?

According to the company, card verification guarantees the user a safer platform, and is, therefore, one of the security measures that the company has to prevent fraud. Furthermore, this guarantees you more advantages within the payment system.

What to do if I lose or steal my cell phone?

In such cases, contact the 99 service team via the application’s Help Center or by phone on 0300 3132 421. After contacting, your account will be blocked and no one else will be able to use it.

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