How to open KEY (.key) files 2022


Key files are files whose format corresponds to Apple’s presentation creation and editing program, Keynote Presentation.

They can be opened or converted simply and quickly, using online or downloadable tools for Windows or Mac, which we will describe in this article.

It is a free alternative that is responsible for offering the content in text or HEX of said extension. In addition, it has support for 150 types of files, including documents, presentations, images, videos, and audio. It is possible to make use of it, by taking these steps into account:

  1. Download and install File Viewer Liter via this link.
  2. Once done, access the program.
  3. Click on “File” and press “Open”, an action that you can perform by using the key combination “Ctrl + O”
  4. The File Explorer will appear, where you must search for the KEY document, select it, and press “Open”.
  5. Finally, choose whether you want to display the element as text or HEX.

with iCloud

The user who has Apple devices will have the option to open these files easily through iCloud, a cloud service characteristic of this company. To do this, follow this step by step:

  1. Go to iCloud from your mobile or access the web version through this link:, where you will need to log in.
  2. Enter this tool and select “Keynote”.
  3. Once done, go to the gear icon and click on “Upload presentation”. In it, you have to add the .key file to display.

Converting KEY to other formats

If you do not have iCloud, nor do you want to download a program like File Viewer Lite, you have the option of converting the KEY extension to other formats, among which are:

to PPT

By transforming this class of documents into .ppt, the user will be able to run the .key files without problems, with the help of Microsoft PowerPoint. To do so, it is feasible to opt for the ZAMZAR online tool, which is used in this way:

  1. Access the page through this link
  2. Then click “Add File” which will open File Explorer for you to add the item.
  3. Subsequently, you will need to press “Convert Now”.
  4. You will be sent to a new window where you will find the product of the conversion. To get it on your computer, click “Download” or “Download”.


There are numerous tools with which you can pass the KEY extension to a PDF document, among them are ZAMZAROnlineConvertFree, and CloudConvertthe, the function of which will be used. This, taking into account the following steps:

  1. Go to, whose interface is in English. Noteto translate it into Spanish, go to the address bar and press the Google Translate icon.
  2. Now, press “Select File” to upload the format.
  3. When observing the element on the page, it will be essential to press “Convert”.
  4. When the file is converted to PDF, a new window will open where you can view it. To finish, click “Download”.

To a ZIP file

To see the .key extension on your computer with ease, you can convert it to a ZIP file, which is achieved by using WinRAR, a tool aimed at compressing and decompressing different documents. It is feasible to use it by following these steps:

  1. Download and install the program through this link:
  2. Once done, head over to File Explorer and look for the KEY extension.
  3. Now, right-click on it and press “Send to”, where you should choose “Compressed (zipped) folder”.
  4. Upon obtaining it, you will need to click on it to open it in WinRAR.
  5. Go to the original document and press the “View” option, which is on the top toolbar of the program.


6. You will find other folders. In this case, choose “Data”.

7. In this way, a list of images will appear, which correspond to your KEY presentation. With the help of the mouse, select them all and press “Extract to”.

8. A dialog box will open, indicating the folder in which said data will be stored, which is usually the same in which the original extension is located. Click “OK” to finish.

9. Thus, you will be able to observe the content of a Keynote presentation through images. However, these usually have a minimum resolution.

Opening a KEY file is a simple task, in which the user will have the opportunity to view the information contained in their presentations without any problem, whether they have Apple devices or not.


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