How to open HEIC files (.heic images) Easily


Images taken by iPhone and iPad devices are saved in HEIF format which has HEIC extension.

We will show you how to open this type of file on your computer with installable programs and online. Similarly, you will see how to convert this file into other formats.

Images taken by iPhone and iPad devices are saved in HEIF format which has HEIC extension.

We will show you how to open this type of file on your computer with installable programs and online. Similarly, you will see how to convert this file into other formats.


  • Show.HEIC extension
  • On Windows 10 computers
  • On computers with Windows 8 or lower
  • using photoshop
  • Using IrfanView
  • View .heic files online
  • Convert .heic to other formats online
  • converted
  • Online-convert
  • CleverPDF
  • Powersoft
  • Convert .heic to other formats using desktop apps
  • Additional Alternatives
  • Disable .heic format on iPhone or iPad
  • Convert .heic from iPhone
  • Upload them to cloud storage

Show.HEIC extension

There are different ways to view a . HEIC file, whether or not you have a Windows 10 computer. These include using online and desktop tools, such as the ones mentioned below.

On Windows 10 computers

On computers with Windows 10 installed, you can view .heic image files using the “ Photos ” application, as long as you have the HEIF image extension. Which can be downloaded from the Microsoft Store, in a few steps:

  1. Open the Microsoft Store or follow this link to download the HEIF Image Extension
    1. Click on “ Install ” or “ Get ” as it appears on the screen and waits while the installation finishes.
    2. Open file explorer and find the .heic file.
    3. Double-click on the image you want to view.

    After completing this process, the image will open automatically with the help of the extension installed from the Microsoft store. It should be noted that when you install this application, Windows will generate a thumbnail of the image for preview.

    On computers with Windows 8 or lower

    On computers with versions prior to Windows 10, it is necessary to install the CopyTrans HEIC desktop application, in order to view files with this extension. To do this, the steps described below must be followed:

  1. Download CopyTrans HEIC from its official website.
  2. Run the CopyTransHEICforWindowsES.exe file.
  3. Grant administrator permissions by clicking “ Yes ”.
  4. Press “ Next ” and complete the process necessary for the installation.
  5. Open the file explorer and double-click on the image you want to view.

Note: In case it throws an error, right-clicks on the photo and select the “ Open with… ” option. Next, search for the newly installed program on the computer, click on it, and press “OK” if necessary.

using photoshop

With constant updates to Adobe’s photo retouching program, Photoshop, it is now possible to open .heic files using this tool. However, for it to work, it is necessary to have the HEIF Image Extensions extension and, in addition, HEVC Video Extensions. It should be noted that the latter is paid software that can be purchased at the Microsoft Store for $0.99.

Using IrfanView

It is another alternative with which .heic files could be viewed on Windows computers whose version is lower than 10 or 11. However, in order to open images captured with iPhone on a computer with this feature, it is necessary to have the CopyTrans HEIC for software. Windows or any other HEIF and HEVC package on PC. Otherwise, it is possible that an error may occur when trying to view the image in question.

View .heic files online

Until now, there is no application or website that allows viewing .heic files online. Instead, use tools or web pages to convert HEIC to JPEG, PNG, or any other format as desired. In this way, it is possible to open images captured with iPhone or iPad in a few minutes.

Convert .heic to other formats online

Through online converters, such as Convertioit is possible to convert .heic files to a considerable number of different image formats. Among these, we can mention JPEG, PNG, G4, HDR, PSD, PWP, RAF, RAS, PPM, RGB, and JPG, among others.


It is a free file converter, with certain premium features, that allows you to convert an incredible number of image, audio, document, video, etc. formats, quickly and easily. The process for this is very simple:

  1. Enter the website.
  2. Select the output format (JPEG, JPG, PNG, etc.).
  3. Click on the “ Select files ” option.
    1. Upload the images.
    2. Press the “ Convert ” button.

    Once the conversion is complete, the images can be downloaded in the format selected during the process. It should be noted that, in the case of more than one file, the result of the download will be a . ZIP file.


    It is another of the free online platforms that allow you to convert .heic images to JPEG or any other image format you want. The process to achieve this is the same as with the previous tool, the first step being to enter Online-convert and upload the files to the server. Afterward, select the type of extension for the new image and wait until the conversion finishes.


It is a tool that makes it easy to convert HEIC files to JPEG by following a few steps. CleverPDF allows you to do this for free, also offering other formats to convert the images stored in the iOS terminal (iPhone or iPad). Like the previous ones, you simply have to upload the photos, select the type of format you want, convert and, finally, download the final result.


This is Apowersoft’s online tool to convert images captured on iPhone or iPad to JPEG on Windows computers simply and efficiently. It is also available as a desktop app so that the user can carry out the process in a much more comfortable way by not having to go to the web to get it.

Convert .heic to other formats using desktop apps

If instead of using Internet sites to convert .heic images to other formats, you prefer desktop applications, you can use programs like Apowersoft. It offers its desktop version for Windows or iMazing HEIC Converter, which is available for Windows and Mac, for free. It is worth mentioning that it is considered one of the best in its category thanks to its efficiency and speed.

Additional Alternatives

In addition to everything mentioned above, a few additional options can be used for .heic files. They consist of converting a .heic image from the cell phone, uploading them to the cloud or deactivating this function in the mobile camera, to prevent the photos from being saved in .heif format.

Disable .heic format on iPhone or iPad


Although various methods can be used to convert or view .heic files, the most feasible thing is to disable this function on the cell phone so that it is much more practical when viewing them. To do this, you must enter the iPhone settings menu and follow the path Camera> Formats> High efficiency and enable the “Most compatible” box. In this way, the new images will be saved in a format supported by other computers.

Convert .heic from iPhone

If the images you want to convert are still on your mobile device (iPhone or iPad), you can convert them without the help of programs or Internet sites. This can be achieved by sending an email with the .heic files and opening it from your computer. When attaching them to the body of the message, the email provider will automatically convert them. JPEG format.

Upload them to cloud storage

Some cloud storage servers, such as Dropbox, support Apple’s new image format. So you can upload .heic photos or videos to the server and open or download them in a format compatible with Windows, from your own computer. In addition to the aforementioned, there are many others on the market, including Google Drive, Google Photos, MEGA, OneDrive, etc.

As you can see, there are several options to open .heic files or convert them to a format compatible with Windows or Android instead.




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