How to make Windows 10 look like Windows 11

Windows 11 was released on Tuesday (5) and is now available on thousands of compatible computers. Despite Microsoft’s promise that the system will make it to even less powerful computers, distribution will be considerably limited because of the platform’s demanding requirements.

If you are part of the group that was left out of the update, but liked the visual changes of the system, know that it is possible to leave Windows 10 with a lighter Windows 11 look. TecMundo has prepared a guide for users who want to leave the computer with the design more like the new edition of the OS.

Check out, below, the step by step of how to make Windows 10 more like Windows 11, but we leave the word: the process is not done with official Microsoft programs, so, proceed at your own risk.

Creating restore point

Before making any changes to the original software, it is important to create a “Restore Point”. It serves to recover the computer after installing a new application on the system. This step is essential in case the modification procedure generates any problem on the computer.

1. Type “Restore” into the Windows search bar. Click on the “Create Restore Point” option that will appear at the top of the “Start” menu.

Windows 10

2. With the “System Properties” window open, make sure the system protection option is enabled. To do this, click on “Configure”. If it is disabled, select the “Enable system protection” option.

Windows 10

3. Go back to System Properties, click “Create”. Select a name for the restoration and click “Create” again.

Windows 10

4. Ready! Now wait a few minutes for the Restore Point to be created.

Windows 10

5. In case you need to recover the system, just do the first step again. With the “System Properties” window open, just click on “System Restore”. After that, just choose the restoration you created and follow the steps for the system to resume.

Windows 10

Instalando a skin

1. One of the sites that allow you to download Windows 11 theme is Skin Pack. To access the page with the theme of the new operating system, access this link.

Windows 11

2. The free version of the theme doesn’t have the new software icons, but it will be enough to make the look adapted. After clicking on the free version, click on the red “Skip and Download Windows 11 SkinPack” bar.

Windows 11

3. From the Download Center, select “SkinPack Windows 11.sfx.exe” and download it. After that, just put the password “” in the zipped file and run.

Windows 11

choosing the theme

1. The new special Windows 11 theme can be chosen in the PC customization part. Right click on the desktop and then select “Custom”.

Windows 11

2. In the settings, select “Themes” in the left corner of the screen. Listed among the operating system themes will be “Win11”. Just click on the icon to make Windows 10 look like Windows 11. Check out, below, a little of how it will look.

Before installing any third-party programs, it is important to remind you that you must have an antivirus installed and updated.

Centralizing the Taskbar

Despite being very similar to the new Windows 11, the Skin Pack theme does not increase the transparency of windows nor does it leave the “Start” menu and Taskbar icons in the center of the screen. If you want to change the “Start” menu, TecMundo at this link shows a tutorial showing how to make the change without installing any additional program.

However, if you want to add one more download in the customization procedure, an open software called TaskbarX can easily centralize the Taskbar icons.

The program can be downloaded for free through Github and works with just one click. It is important to emphasize, however, that not all items are centralized. In any case, the Windows 10 “Start” menu still remains “stuck” to the left corner of the screen.

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