How to make awesome reels for Instagram

You reels became popular in Instagram. With them, it is possible to produce videos short using a huge range of editing of the tool itself. It is also possible to create projects in other applications or even in other competing social networks.

Today, TecMundo gives you a series of tips to create amazing reels and share them with your followers on social network. Check it out below.

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Use Instagram’s own tools and features

One of the main elements responsible for the popularization of reels were the editing tools. With them, it is possible to create videos full of visual effects, music, cuts and animations, quite different from the traditional videos that are still published in common posts on the social network.

To give you an idea, within Instagram it is possible to start making a video and apply animation effects, timer and increase the speed of the video so that it fits within the stipulated duration using tools. This time you can choose between 15, 30 or 60 seconds.

Instagram itself provides a series of tools for editing your reelsInstagram itself provides a series of tools for editing reels.Source: Reproduction / TecMundo

It is also possible to place a song among the thousands available within the platform. Using them, you don’t run the risk of having your content removed for infringing copyright, since the songs made available there are already under agreement with Instagram.

Finally, it is also possible to add a voiceover on top of the video, place animations from the platform and import other videos to complement or overlap the main content. Also, you can import an image to be the cover of your reel, in case you don’t want to choose to put a frame of the video as a preview.

You can add a number of elements to your videosYou can add a number of elements to your videos.Source: Reproduction / TecMundo

Export videos from competing apps like Kwai and TikTok to avoid rework

While reels are the hot spot on Instagram right now, this type of content has popped up on other social networks like TikTok and Kwai. In them, content creators can make videos of up to 30 seconds and even receive a cash reward for reaching certain goals, such as bringing in new followers and exceeding a number of views.

Therefore, there are many content creators who have an active account on these social networks and end up exporting the same videos to Instagram. There are also those who prefer to use the resources of competitors than the native tools of Meta’s social network.

TikTok is one of the social networks that started the era of short and fun videosTikTok is one of the social networks that started the era of short and fun videos.Source: Reproduction / TecMundo

Although the information has not been denied or confirmed by Instagram itself, much is said that the network “penalizes” the reach of videos with the watermark of competing social networks, mainly TikTok. With that, the tip is to remove this brand from the content before uploading it to another platform.

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You can do this in a simpler way: saving the project before publishing it on TikTok or using another app to remove it. For that, we have a tutorial that teaches step by step the procedure to remove the watermark in a video already published, check it out.

Apply captions to your content

Having videos with subtitles is not only a way of contributing to social inclusion, but also giving possibilities to those who want to watch your video without having to have the sound turned on. This type of consumption is more frequent than one might imagine, making subtitles an essential tool in the production of this type of content.

Videos with captions have become commonplace on InstagramVideos with captions have become commonplace on Instagram.Source: Reproduction / TecMundo

Faced with this demand, Instagram itself has the functionality to include automatic captions in its videos. However, the content creator needs to enable this function within the tool. To do this, follow this step by step:

1. after publishing the video, go to the post and click on the “Edit” option;

2. then click on “Advanced settings”;

Access the option Go to the “Advanced Settings” option.Source: Reproduction / TecMundo

3. in the “Accessibility” option, activate the “Show subtitles” option;

Enable the option to enable automatic subtitles on your videosEnable the option to enable automatic subtitles on your videos.Source: Reproduction / TecMundo

4. done, now your video will have automatic subtitles.

Break the limits of your creativity

Although today there is a kind of standard in relation to reels, with a vast majority of content involving funny videos or choreography, there is nothing that prevents you from exploring this type of post, that is, it is possible to “get out of the box” and create new ones. themes for the platform and, who knows, even make their productions viral.

For example, there are already content creators who invest in lists within the time limit of the reels, presenting from a selection of the best products to curiosities involving a series, a movie, a location or even a personality.

It is not enough just to know how to use the tools, it is also necessary to have creativity when producing your contentIt is not enough just to know how to use the tools, it is also necessary to have creativity when producing your content.Source: Disclosure / Instagram

There are also other creators who go much further and produce small stories within the format. There are from homemade productions, with makeup, scenarios and even low quality special effects aimed at humor, as well as artists who develop animations and make the reels their own exhibition platform.

So, don’t create barriers when producing your content. Take a risk and don’t be afraid to make mistakes, as there’s always a chance that a video of yours will go viral and become a new social media celebrity.

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