How to make a Pix via PicPay

Pix is ​​here to facilitate financial transfers. Instead of waiting for specific times and suffering from the slowness of TED or DOC, these transactions can now be carried out instantly, for free and any day and time. Although many people already know the functionality in banks, Pix is ​​also available in applications such as PicPay.

This makes life easier for those who use digital wallet apps and do not want to be stuck in their bank account for these transfers. The good news is that making a Pix via PicPay is very easy and just needs a few taps on the mobile app.

Pix keys registration via PicPay

To register your Pix keys via PicPay, you must tap the optionO “My keys” on the main Pix screen in the app.

Here you can register and manage your Pix keysHere you can register and manage your Pix keysSource: Reproduction / Luciana Anselmo

On this page, you can choose between four key options: your Social Security number, phone number, e-mail or a random key. As PicPay already has your data provided when creating the account, they will be automatically filled in on this screen.

There are several key options that you can registerThere are several options for keys that you can register.Source: Reproduction / Luciana Anselmo

With that, you just have to choose which of the keys you prefer to register on PicPay. It is only good to keep in mind that you can only register a specific key once in a bank or application. So, if you have already registered for Pix using your CPF or e-mail elsewhere, you will not be able to register this same key on PicPay.

It is in this case that having another email account or selecting the random key option can be useful. Fortunately, you can always take a registration key from a bank or app to register it with another service.

When you make your decision, click on the desired key. You will receive a notice from PicPay informing you that a numeric code has been sent to your email for security validation.

Code email arrives at the same timeCode email arrives at the same timeSource: Reproduction / Luciana Anselmo

After entering this code, the app will still ask for your PicPay password to confirm and finalize the key registration.

You can use both your password and your fingerprintYou can use both your password and your fingerprint.Source: Reproduction / Luciana Anselmo

Unfortunately, the registration itself is not instantaneous. Then you will have to wait for confirmation from PicPay, which takes place from 9am to 6pm.

Registrations outside office hours, will have to wait the next dayRegistrations outside office hours will have to wait for the next day.Source: Reproduction / Luciana Anselmo

After this confirmation, you will be able to receive and make payments using the registered key at will.

Transfer by PicPay with Pix

In addition to receiving payments when you give your registered key on PicPay to others, you can send money in the same way in a few steps. The best thing is that you don’t even need to have a Pix key registered to send money to other people.

Just click on one of the shipping methods, be it one of Pix’s common keys, a QR Code or bank account details.

There are plenty of options to send money through PicPayThere is no shortage of options for sending money through PicPay.Source: Reproduction / Luciana Anselmo

If you choose the common key, you must select whether it is a cell phone number, e-mail, CPF / CNPJ or Random key. Then enter the chosen key and proceed to the next step.

Here you choose the key you prefer for the transferHere you choose the key you prefer for the transfer.Source: Reproduction / Luciana Anselmo

In the case of the QR Code, just scan the code sent to you.

In the bank account option, just enter the requested data. This includes the user’s agency, account and social security number.

If you prefer, you can also enter only bank detailsIf you prefer, you can also enter only bank details.Source: Reproduction / Luciana Anselmo

Regardless of the chosen modality, the next page will be the same. In it, you will see the name and details of the person who will be paid by Pix. This is where you must enter the payment amount and write a description if you want.

The description here is completely optionalThe description here is completely optional.Source: Reproduction / Luciana Anselmo

Check the data and make sure they are all correct. Then, tap the button Pay”.

To finalize the payment via Pix by PicPay, enter your password or your fingerprint. With that, the money will be transferred instantly in the recipient’s account.

When confirmed, the transfer takes place instantlyWhen confirmed, the transfer takes place instantly.Source: Reproduction / Luciana Anselmo

Did you find it interesting to have Pix available on PicPay? Be sure to comment saying what you think of the news and if you are already using it in your transactions.

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