How to make a PIX from the Box

Launched in November last year, Pix is ​​the new free and instant payment method of the Central Bank of Brazil. The tool, which promises to end TED and DOC, is available nationwide and has already been adopted by the country’s main banks.

In this tutorial, see how Pix works and the different ways to make transfers and receive money through the Caixa app for cell phones. The institution’s internet banking is available for Android and iOS.

Where to access Pix on the Cashier app

The option to use Pix from the Box appears on the home page of the mobile app. After logging into the platform, simply find the service icon, which is usually located on the last column of the initial interface, to the side of the Housing section.

Source: Mateus Mognon / Screenshot

To access the free service options, click on the Pix icon, which will open a side menu for navigation. Options include ways to add and configure Pix keys, in addition to making transfers and payments.

After setting up a Pix key, it is already possible to make free and instant transfers using the application.

Transfer with Pix keys

The area for sending money by Caixa’s Pix is ​​available inside the Pix tab, in Pay / Transfer. Click on the option to access the ways of sending money, which include the use of a traditional account, Pix keys and also the use of QR Code for payments.

Source: Mateus Mognon / Screenshot

To make transfers with Pix keys, click on the option “Key”, which will open a menu for entering information. click in “Select the Key Type” to enter one of the ways to locate the recipient’s account. The options include CPF, CNPJ, cell phone, e-mail and Random, for the unique key created for each account that uses the function.

After selecting one of the keys or a contact from your phonebook, enter the necessary information in “Enter the Key” and the amount that will be sent in “Enter the amount of the transaction”. The user can also insert an optional message for those who will receive the transfer in “Description / Free Field”.

Source: Mateus Mognon / Screenshot

To proceed with the submission, click “Continue”. The button will open a page to check the data before sending. If all information is correct, press “Continue” again. Finally, enter your electronic signature, which must be previously configured, and press “Continue” again to complete the transfer.

How to send the Pix receipt?

After starting the procedure, the Caixa app interface will display a “Loading” screen while the transfer is processed. If everything works correctly, a new screen with the Pix voucher will open, including the shipping data and the option to save the document.

Screen to check Pix data and transfer receipt.Screen to check Pix data and transfer receipt.Source: Mateus Mognon / Screenshot

To send the receipt to someone, click on the orange button “To save”, which will display the option to save the document digitally on your phone or send it directly to other apps, such as WhatsApp, Gmail and Telegram. Just click on the desired application and search for the contact to send a PDF containing the details of the Pix.

The voucher can be saved in PDF and sent to contacts in messaging applications.The voucher can be saved in PDF and sent to contacts in messaging applications.Source: Mateus Mognon / Screenshot

If you missed the opportunity to use the save button, go back to the home screen, click on the Pix option and access the tab “Receipts”. The window allows you to consult all the transactions sent, just select a time window and press “Continue” to open a past transfer and access the options to check past receipts.

Using the phonebook to send Pix

The Caixa application also allows you to use information from contacts saved on cell phone to send the Pix. To do this, enter the service tab, go to Pay / Transfer and click on the option My contacts, available just below the Keys.

To use the contacts option, you need to give permissions to the Caixa app on AndroidTo use the contacts option, you need to give permissions to the Caixa app on AndroidSource: Mateus Mognon / Screenshot

After clicking the button, allow the Caixa application to access the smartphone calendar and select a number. The contact that will be added automatically in the blank fields for transfer if it is linked to a Pix key.

If the contact saved in the phonebook not in use as a Pix key, the application interface will display the phrase “Entity not found” and will allow the number to be edited in the payment and transfer menu.

QR Code and Pix Copia e Cola

Another feature present in Pix da Caixa is the payment via QR Code. The function allows you to scan the screen of the device of the person who will receive the transfer to receive the data to perform the procedure.

After the recipient creates a QR Code for the transfer, open the Box’s Pix tab, click Pay / Transfer and go to the option “Use QR Code”. The application interface will open the phone’s camera, which should be used to scan the code displayed on the other device.

If Pix via QR Code does not work, select the option If Pix via QR Code does not work, select the option “Pix Copia e Cola”Source: Mateus Mognon / Screenshot

If the scan works, the information will be added automatically to the Pix key fields. Then, just add the transfer amount, click “Continue” and add the digital signature when necessary to complete the procedure.

If the QR Code does not work, the user can use another option. In this case, just take the information from the code with the user who will receive the transfer and click on “Pix Copia e Cola”. The interface will display a blank field to add the details, which will bring the necessary information to carry out the transfer via Pix.

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