How to Make a Music Video with Storybeat for Instagram

How to Make a Music Video with Storybeat for Instagram – Even though it has been launched, a new feature that can be used to make music videos like TikTok, namely Instagram Reels, cannot be used by users in India.

How to Make a Music Video with Storybeat for Instagram

Luckily, you don’t have to wait long. For those of you who can’t wait to wait for this feature, you can now use the Storybeat app as a solution to do it.

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By using this third-party application, you can add background music to photos or videos that will be uploaded to social media. Of course not only Instagram, but also Facebook, WhatsApp, YouTube, Twitter, and so on.

In my opinion, the advantage of this application compared to most other photo and video editor applications is that this application has a simpler interface that resembles the features of the editor on the Instagram camera making it easy for anyone to use.

To use this editor application, you can download it directly from the application store page, both Google Play Store and App Store. Take it easy, this application is free, but you will find ads in it.

After successfully adding the Storybeat application to your device for the first time, then open the application and allow requests to access photos, media or data files from the device if they request it.

To add music to a photo or video, then you can select the Add music to photos or video menu. After that, you can choose photos from the Photo Library section or videos via the Videos section.

You can select several media files, then press the Next button to continue editing. In the editor page that appears, then select the button marked plus (+) to add music.

How to Make a Music Video with Storybeat for Instagram

Select the Search music option to search for music online, Add songs from your library to add music stored on your device, or add sound effects to add sound effects from an online library.

If you have chosen one, you can search for the sound you want to add. Click the Add button in the file you want to add. Then, slide on the wave image to select the music part and press Save to save it.

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Now if you think it’s enough, you can press the down arrow to save the edited file into the gallery. Furthermore, you can press the Share video button if you want to share it directly on Instagram.

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