How to live on Twitch

Twitch is one of the main streaming platforms today and, despite its focus on games, it can be used by anyone to share everyday matters. The Amazon service is already used to comment on practices such as Poker and even current trends, such as Big Brother Brazil.

Broadcasts on Twitch can also earn money, as the platform has monetization tools, including subscriptions with Amazon Prime. In this tutorial, check out how to do live streams from your PC using the Twitch Studio, official app of the service.

How to download Twitch Studio

Enter Twitch.TV and click Sign up. If you already have an account, log in to the platform. In the menu of your profile, present in the upper right corner, click on “Creator control panel”. The live stream management page will open.

Twitch Studio is the software of the streaming platform itself to make lives on the PC.Source: Mateus Mognon

Right at the beginning of the interface, a window with the button “Download Twitch Studio” it will show up. Click to download. The lives tool on the platform itself can also be downloaded on this link.

How to set up Twitch Studio on your PC

Click on the Twitch Studio executable and install the software on your computer. Select the location where the app will be saved by clicking the gear button and then proceed with the option “Install”.

After installation, follow the step by step to set up your live.After installation, follow the step by step to set up your live.Source: Mateus Mognon

With the installation complete, open Twitch Studio and login with your account the platform. The program will open a new window to configure, step by step, your live broadcast. Following the instructions is highly recommended for users who have no experience with lives.

click in “Introduction” and, in the microphone configuration tab, select “Change Microphone” to choose an audio source. The button “Personalize” allows you to activate sound filters on the live, such as noise reduction.

Source: Mateus Mognon

click in “Proceed to the Webcam” to configure your image for the live. The interface allows you to view the camera that will be used in the transmission, in addition to activating the background color removal technology.

Twitch Studio also includes image filters, which can be applied by pressing the arrows that appear in the corners of the camera view during setup. The tip is to use the default option and, if necessary, apply changes later.

Source: Mateus Mognon

If you are satisfied with the quality of your camera, click the button “Continue to Scenes”. The option allows you to create the visual identity of your live, which requires a little more attention. With that in mind, just click “Continue to settings” during the initial setup.

The last configuration page has the settings for transmission quality. Twitch Studio will do a test to check the power of your hardware and internet to provide the best specifications for your live.

Source: Mateus Mognon

You may change the resolution and bitrate to stream in higher quality by clicking “Adjust settings”. However, for those just starting out, the tip is to follow the guidelines provided by the application.

How to edit scenes in Twitch Studio

With all the settings ready, now you just need to edit the scenes to ensure more interactivity and beauty for your live. The application opens by default with the Main, Back and Introducing divisions, but you can add more options by clicking “Add Scene”.

Source: Mateus Mognon

The scene that is in purple on the platform is the screen that will be on display for the public. At the base of the interface, next to the broadcast button, Twitch Studio also has the button “Edit Scene”, that allows to modify in depth each of the layers.

Source: Mateus Mognon

To add a background screen, images or any interaction on the live, just select the scene, click on “Edit Scene” and go to option “Add layer”. The menu will allow you to place various interactions within the display area, including media, follower alerts and a chat box, to display comments from viewers of the live.

Source: Mateus Mognon

When everything is ready, click on the option “Full screen application”, available in the upper left corner of the interface, to select the main content that will appear during the broadcast. Select the game or program you want to display and click “Advance”.

If the desired application is appearing at the bottom of the screen, everything is ready for the live to begin. You can start streaming by clicking on the “start streaming” button, which will upload the program’s images to your Twitch channel without the need for additional settings.

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