How to know my ascendant: 9 apps to mount your astral map

What is your sign? Do you know what that means? It is very common to hear this question in different contexts, whether in the virtual field or offline. Although some people are not used to this subject, it is a lot of fun to know how the positioning of the astros at the time of birth it can influence personality.

On a Astral Map, the placement of the Sun is the one we generally share as our main sign. Meanwhile, oadescending it tells us, in general, how the people around us can see us and the Moon reflects all our feelings. Venus turns to romantic and financial inclinations, whereas Mars says a lot about our power of action and Mercury shows how we act at work and in studies.

With these details in mind, know some apps, available for iOS and Android operating systems, which will help you put together your birth chart in a practical way. Check it out below!

1. Astrolink

(Astrolink/Playback)(Source: Astrolink/Reproduction)Source: Astrolink

To use this application and thus develop your birth chart, you will need to inform some basic details such as the city where you were born and the time registered. This way, you will already know your ascendant and thus be able to read a little more about the main features of the placement of this house. Every day, the app suggests personalized news that can even be extended to the premium plan and allows users to interact with each other in different ways.

2. Horos

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At first, Horos presents itself as a very basic app to check information from a birth chart. To register, just install it on the device and enter some information such as your name and date of birth. The birth chart is soon organized and all the placements appear on the screen. A new feature of the app is that daily horoscopes can be delivered to the user.

3. Astroworld

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There are two versions of this app available, one free and one paid — which provides more features. You can make a birth chart for yourself and for others, view the placement of the stars at the moment the app is being accessed, and also synastry — when two birth charts are placed side by side to check which one is compatible.

4. Aura Astrology

(Aura Astrology/Reproduction)(Source: Aura Astrology/Reproduction)Source: Aura Astrology

For the construction of a free astrological chart in the shape of the astro-positioning wheel, Aura Astrology can be a valid option for in-depth understanding of the subject, as it is possible to visualize how everything is built and also what are the general interpretations of each element.

5. Astral Chart

(Astral Letter/Reproduction)(Source: Astral Chart/Reproduction)Source: Astral Chart

Those who are more familiar with the Spanish language will be able to take advantage of the resources available in this unmissable app, which concentrates all its efforts to show detailed information on planets, signs and positions. It is interesting to visualize the map in question through a table with all the important details.

6. Viastral

(Viastral/Reproduction)(Source: Viastral/Reproduction)Source: Viastral

Another free application made for the construction of astrological maps is Viastral. However, it also has a paid version with more features, details and information for broad understanding of the elements initially placed in the app. The design is also quite eye-catching and the interface is very intuitive.

7. Up Astrology

(Up Astrology/Reproduction)(Source: Up Astrology/Reproduction)Fonte:  Up Astrology

Simply, with this app, you’ll be able to build your birth chart with everything you need. One of its differentials is to show some everyday messages that can instigate certain actions in your behavior. A fully customized birth chart report is also provided from what was initially entered into the software.

8. AstroLinked

(AstroLinked/Playback)(AstroLinked/Playback)Source: AstroLinked

Just as building astrological maps can be fun, discovering more about the energetic mysticism of the subject is an interesting and curious possibility, which contrasts directly with the proposal of this must-see app. Make your birth chart in a simple way, understanding more about your own personality according to the positioning of the stars.

9. Venus: Horoscope & Astral Chart

(Venus: Horoscope & Astral Chart/Reproduction)(Source: Venus: Horoscope & Astral Chart/Reproduction)Source: Venus: Horoscope & Astral Chart

And to close the list, another app made directly for astrology fans in building astrology charts. It is necessary to indicate some information such as date of birth, place of origin and time to know all the specific details of your personality in relation to what the stars indicate.

Liked? So be sure to check out all these apps to decide which one is your favorite!

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